BHG Stylemaker Workshop

To celebrate our September Stylemaker issue the BHG team will be hosting an exclusive blogger workshop and party in New York City on September 18th.

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2014 Stylemaker Workshop

The all-day event will begin with a workshop led by BHG editors and follow up with a party in the evening! At the workshop, we'll be doing a mix of large-group presentations and smaller, more intimate classes. This year, bloggers will also get to choose which classes they'd like to participate in! Class options are listed below. 

For the event, we'll be inviting 75 bloggers who specialize in home, food, entertaining, DIY and fashion and beauty content. There is no charge for the workshop. Travel and hotel will not be provided although we are able to connect you with Meredith Corporation's travel agency.

Interested in attending? Let us know here! The wait list will be closing on May 19th and we'll be sending out invites in June!

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The Details

BHG editors will be leading the workshop sessions. The editors attending include:

  • Gayle Butler, Editor in Chief
  • Oma Blaise Ford, Executive Editor
  • Kelly Kegans, Senior Deputy Home Editor
  • Eddie Ross, East Coast Home Editor
  • Nancy Hopkins, Senior Deputy Food Editor
  • Katherine Pushkar, Senior Deputy Lifestyle Editor
  • Kylee Krizmanic, Deputy Art Director
  • Ellen Miller, Fashion and Beauty Director
  • Alexa Fornoff, ShopBHG Editor
  • Allison Maze, Assistant Digital Home Editor
  • Sarah Martens, Associate Digital Food Editor
  • Kenzie Kramer, Associate Social Media Editor

Last Year's Stylemaker Event

Last September we hosted our first-ever BHG blogger workshop to coincide with our September Stylemaker issue! Our editors met up with 50 bloggers and taught sessions on topics like pitching to a magazine, the drips and drizzles of food styling and styling a tabletop for a photo shoot. The daytime sessions were followed up with a party and panel of stylemakers including Maxwell Ryan, Anette Joseph, Eddie Ross and Kayce Hughes.

Our editors loved meeting so many creative bloggers and we hope that they all felt the same way! Here's a little of what the bloggers had to say about the 2013 Stylemaker Event:

Carrie Waller of Dream Green DIY

Jessica Bruno of Four Generations One Roof

Katie Meyers of Meyers Styles

Interested in attending this year's event? Let us know here! The wait list will be closing on May 19th and we'll be sending out invites in June!

BHG Stylemaker Event 2013

2014 Stylemaker Workshop Classes

This year we're letting attendees chose what they want to learn more about! Here's a first look at what we'll be covering. Although we'll do our best to fit everyone into the classes of their choosing, space is limited and spots are not guaranteed.

General Edit and Branding

Editing Yourself

Creating a quality product is of utmost importance. We know you don't have a whole team of copy editors but as editors we're constantly editing our own copy to make it more refined before it even starts through the routing process (through our copy editors, deputy editors and executive editor). We'll share general editing tips and tricks to make your posts even better.

Editorial Planning Tips and Tricks

We're constantly asked about the editorial calendar planning process for BHG and! We'll share how it works on our end and some cool tools and sites that can help make your editorial planning process easier.

How to Write Product Reviews

We'll share the inside scoop on how we evaluate products editorially along with some basics about the science behind reviewing products and how to get past the marketing claims. We'll also focus on how to make your writing more editorial and not like a press release.


How to Do Video Right

Video is a great way to improve user experience and develop your site! So how do you keep up with this evolving platform? We'll have experts from our video department along with a few of our digital editor share tips and tricks to make it happen on your blog without needing to hire an entire production crew.

How to Write to be Found: SEO 101

How many times have you Google searched today? SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is becoming more and more important to getting your content found online. Our digital editors will share the inside scoop on what to consider to make your site show up in search. 

Our Secrets to Social Engagement

Sure, you're on social media but how do you get people to actually click on your posts? Our social media editor will share her tricks to making posts more engaging along with best practices for each platform.

Avoiding Shiny Social Platforms

New social media platforms pop up every day! You don't want to miss out on the next big thing but also don't want to waste time on something that isn't helping your site. We'll share tips for how to best balance your social media efforts and what's best to use your efforts towards.


The Science Behind Photo Styling & Building Your Prop Closet

Our Art Director Kylee will share no-fail ways to make a beautiful photo just like we do at the magazine. Styling a great photo is more than just tossing a few pillows on the couch or finding a cool surface for food photography. We'll go into the specifics on what you should think about when styling your shoot. Plus, we're guessing you don't have room for a prop closet like BHG's. We'll share what props are essential to having on hand to make the perfect photos!

How to Style a Bar Cart

Styling extraordinaire Eddie Ross will show you how to prop and style a bar car to make it photo shoot worthy. This class will take place in our photo studio and we'll have one of our BHG photographers on hand so you can see how it is lit and the angles that we look at to get the perfect shot.

How to Plan a Photoshoot Like the Pros

A lot of planning goes into each of our photo shoots and we want to share some of the step-by-step that will make planning for your blog even better!  We'll share where to start, what to consider,  and how to think about the editorial angles of your story while doing the photoshoot plan.


How to Write a Recipe Like a Pro

Writing a good recipe doesn't come easy. We'll share with you what we consider when writing a good recipe along with tips and trick to making your blog posts most efficient to share the recipe. 

Food Photography: Getting the Perfect Drips and Drizzles 2.0

Deputy Food Editor Nancy Hopkins will give you the inside scoop into BHG food photography and the secrets for capturing the delicious moments in the magazine.

Food Trends: The Best Ways to Use Them

Just like you, we're always keeping our eye out for the up and coming food trends but they have to be shared with our readers in a smart way. We'll share some trends we're seeing and how they translate into real content. We'll also touch on how to create posts that will be able to have a good SEO and social impact while covering the trend!


Scouting Locations for a Magazine

Another great way to work with the magazine is through scouting locations in your area. Kelly, our Deputy Home Editor will give you an inside look into the BHG scouting process and what we look for in the homes that we feature in book.

How to Write a Good DIY

Writing a good DIY post is a lot easier said than done. From how many steps to include to choosing whether a video needs to go along side of it and how to promote it socially, there are a lot of ingredients to making the perfect DIY post.

Getting All the Story Angles Out of Your House

Feel like you're running out of story ideas in your home? We'll share tips and tricks to get every story angle out of your house so you don't feel like you have to do a remodel to get your next blog post.

Fashion and Beauty

Fashion/Beauty Writing Must-Knows

Let's be honest, there are a lot of people covering fashion and beauty in the blogisphere. We will give you tips on how to write useful content that will keep your readers coming back and make you stand out in the crowd.

How to Create a Share-Worthy Post

Standing out on Pinterest is key for Fashion/Beauty content! We'll share ideas to make your posts stand out on social platforms getting lots of clicks back to your site!

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