Best New Product Awards

Disclaimer Information

The results of the Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product Awards study are based on feedback from consumers which may include readers of Better Homes and Gardens as well as non readers and do not reflect the opinions of BrandSpark International or Meredith Corporation. The winner of each category is determined by consumer voting based on a proprietary methodology developed by BrandSpark International using Consumer Appeal and Purchase Intent among people who had previously purchased the product.  Winners received the highest numerical scores which are not necessarily statistically significant.  Consumers' experiences with the winning product may vary. The Best New Product Awards program is owned and managed by BrandSpark International. The Better Homes and Gardens trademark is used under license to BrandSpark International. Neither BrandSpark International nor Meredith Corporation warrant or represent that any individual consumer experience will be consistent with the results of the survey.  Since BrandSpark International and Meredith Corporation only report the results from the Best New Product Awards consumer survey, neither warrant nor represent the quality or satisfaction with, or efficacy or safety of, any individual product. All responsibility for quality, performance or safety of any product rests with the individual manufacturer. Neither BrandSpark nor Meredith Corporation is liable for any actual or perceived defect in the quality, performance, efficacy or safety of any product, or any injury or death resulting, or alleged to have resulted therefrom.