Holiday 2015 Must-Haves for Beauty Mavens

Stuff those stockings and grab the gift wrap! Give out the latest beauty and fashion items this holiday season that all your family and friends will enjoy.

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12 Lazy-Girl Beauty Tips

Would you rather snooze a few extra minutes in the morning or spend the time fussing with your hair? Yeah, we thought so. Here are our favorite low- to no-effort beauty tricks that will get you out the door fast -- and looking flawless.

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The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Oils

They're the current beauty craze, and for good reason -- oils offer a plethora of benefits for your face, hair, nails, and everything in between. But if you're confused by the many options, or just aren't sure how (or why) to use one, we've got answers. Read on to learn all about eight slick superstars, and how you can work them into your regimen.

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Party Hairstyles: Quick and Easy Ideas for Short Hair

Go glam for your next get-together with a pretty party hairstyle for short hair! Try this cute party hair idea when you want to play up your natural texture. Best of all, it's a quick and easy hairstyle--you're ready to celebrate in under 10 minutes!

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5 Easy Flat Iron Hacks

Flat irons are for so much more than straightening your hair. Learn what else this magic wand can do for your locks and more!

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Beauty Tips For Your Next Party: Fragrance

Most of us do a quick spritz and walk through, but that's not the best way to apply perfume. Get our tips on how to wear the right amount--and kind--of fragrance for a party.

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5 Foods for a Flawless Complexion

You are what you eat -- especially when it comes to the health of your skin. Here are five surprising foods that Kim Snyder, author of Beauty Detox Foods, says noshing on may lead to a smoother, brighter complexion.

Get Glowing with Figs

The tiny seeds of figs are packed with nutrients that help cleanse the digestive tract of toxins and mucus, Snyder says. Figs are a natural laxative and a mucus-dissolving food. "Dissolving mucus, toxins, and waste from the body and blood are vital to enhancing the inner glow that shows up in your face," Snyder says. "Excess mucus in the digestive tract may also prevent vital nutrients from reaching the skin."

Clear Your Complexion with Yellow Onions

Onions aren't just a great topping for turkey burgers. They contain a compound that regenerates vitamin E and strengthens capillaries, Snyder says. How it works? Onions are Mother Nature's blood cleanser; they thin the blood by eliminating clumps formed by fat, protein, and sticky red blood cells. "This allows more oxygen to flow efficiently in the bloodstream, which will help create a glowing, clear complexion," Snyder says. 

Boost Radiance with Cabbage

Cabbage is a perfect example that beauty foods don't always have to be exotic, rare, or even particularly beautiful themselves. "It is not commonly known that cabbages actually contain about 11 percent more vitamin C than oranges by weight, and vitamin C is the super anti-aging nutrient that helps heal damaged tissues and minimize deep lines," Snyder says. Bonus: The leafy green is also packed with skin smoothing vitamins A and E.

Smooth Out Lines with Quinoa

Quinoa is often referred to as a super food because it contains high amounts of minerals and antioxidants, including calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper, and manganese. What this means for you? The magnesium, in particular, helps relax blood vessels and muscles in the face, resulting in fewer deep wrinkles.

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Prevent Breakouts with Turmeric

Turmeric is a popular Indian spice that works by keeping red blood cells from clumping and increasing circulation to speed up skin healing. "Because it helps increase circulation via better blood flow, turmeric helps make the skin more glowing, supple, and healthy looking," Snyder says. "Clean, detoxed blood may also help prevent adult acne."

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