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The Top Skin Correctors for Problem Areas

Whether you're fighting age spots, redness, or dryness, there's a corrector out there for you. Click through for the products, ingredients, and treatments that target your biggest skin complaint.


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    • Age Spots

      Stock up on products that contain alpha hydroxy acids or retinol, which both exfoliate the melanin-packed dead skin cells that give age spots their dark appearance.

      Try: Dermalogica Skin Renewal Booster ($50) comes with a hefty dose of alpha hydroxy acid to fade spots and smooth out skin's texture.

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    • Dryness

      Ceramides, humectants, and oils are the three best ingredients to look for in your beauty stash if you want to kick flaky skin to the curb. Ceramides repair the skin, while humectants attract moisture and oils stop the loss of moisture. 

      Try: Jason Revitalizing Vitamin E Moisturizing Crème ($6.39) contains vitamin E and avocado oils that soften skin on the spot.

    • Sagging

      We'll be honest with you -- once the elastin that keeps skin taut is damaged, it's hard to repair without a visit to a cosmetic dermatologist. But you can firm the skin by increasing collagen with products infused with retinol, growth factors, or peptides.

      Try: Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream ($23.99) contains peptides that work on the jawline to boost elasticity and skin smoothness.

    • Melasma

      Many dermatologists agree that prescription-strength hydroquinone is the gold standard when it comes to clearing up melasma, a condition often brought on by a surge in hormones. Hydroquinone works by slowing the overproduction of melanin that creates those annoying dark patches. Equally important in scoring a flawless face is sunscreen. Wearing a broad spectrum SPF daily ensures that dark patches don't get darker.

      Try: CeraVe Suncare Sunscreen Face SPF 50 ($14.99) blocks out UV rays while the addition of ceramides repair the top layer of skin.

    • Redness

      Keep sensitive skin in check with soothing natural ingredients like licorice extract, which helps to control redness and flushing. Other calming redness-reducers include turmeric, white tea extract, cucumber, and ginger.

      Try: Origins A Perfect World White Tea Skin Guardian ($54) shields sensitive skin from complexion-ruining free radicals and pollutants that lead to redness.

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