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Fake a Tan, Fast

Give skin a fresh-from-the-beach glow by perfecting these easy bronzing techniques.


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    • Bronzed Beauty

      Powder bronzers are the easiest and most common way to create a natural, sun-kissed look. When purchasing powder bronzers, makeup artist Michelle Coursey suggests avoiding products with too much shimmer. "Matte versions are far and away the best," Coursey says.

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    • Soft Glow

      Want to fake a glow? Don’t apply too much bronzer. The product is meant to add a soft, subtle glow -- not change your all-over skin color. When applying, use a light hand and remember that less is more.

    • The Right Tools

      A big part of bronzing is having the right brush. "You want the brush to be big but not too big," Coursey says. A too-large brush cuts down on control but something too small doesn't spread the powder evenly. Medium size, domed brushes are just right.

    • Where to Apply

      To get a natural look, apply bronzer where the sun naturally hits -- never all over. "Keep the concentration on the outer part of your face," Coursey says. Start by lightly dusting your jaw, cheekbones, and forehead in the shape of the number three. Next, apply down your nose and on your chin.

    • Subtle Shimmer

      Complete your bronzed look with highlighting products to perfect your glow. Like bronzers, highlighters should be applied lightly for the most natural look. Coursey suggests adding them to the highest planes of your face: the tops of cheekbones, along brow bones, and Cupid’s bow (the center part above the top lip).  

    • Try a Cream Highlighter

      For an easy-to-control highlighter, a cream is best. The small stick makes it easy to apply in the correct spot. 

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    • How to Apply Bronzer to Countour or Fake a Sun-Kissed Glow

      Learn how bronzer can make your face more defined and tan!

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