Holiday 2015 Must-Haves for Beauty Mavens

Stuff those stockings and grab the gift wrap! Give out the latest beauty and fashion items this holiday season that all your family and friends will enjoy.

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12 Lazy-Girl Beauty Tips

Would you rather snooze a few extra minutes in the morning or spend the time fussing with your hair? Yeah, we thought so. Here are our favorite low- to no-effort beauty tricks that will get you out the door fast -- and looking flawless.

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The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Oils

They're the current beauty craze, and for good reason -- oils offer a plethora of benefits for your face, hair, nails, and everything in between. But if you're confused by the many options, or just aren't sure how (or why) to use one, we've got answers. Read on to learn all about eight slick superstars, and how you can work them into your regimen.

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Party Hairstyles: Quick and Easy Ideas for Short Hair

Go glam for your next get-together with a pretty party hairstyle for short hair! Try this cute party hair idea when you want to play up your natural texture. Best of all, it's a quick and easy hairstyle--you're ready to celebrate in under 10 minutes!

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5 Easy Flat Iron Hacks

Flat irons are for so much more than straightening your hair. Learn what else this magic wand can do for your locks and more!

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Beauty Tips For Your Next Party: Fragrance

Most of us do a quick spritz and walk through, but that's not the best way to apply perfume. Get our tips on how to wear the right amount--and kind--of fragrance for a party.

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Nautical Fashion for Every Day

Nothing says summertime quite like freshly squeezed lemonade, ocean breezes, sun-kissed skin, and of course, any and everything nautical. Don't live by the coast? Not a problem. Beth Parker of s e e r s u c k e r + s a d d l e s shares these nautical inspired looks that are wearable even if you live inland!


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    • Anchor Sweater

      There are ways to take literal nautical pieces such as this cozy anchor sweater and tone it down for everyday wear -- let's face it, not all of us can just hop on a boat anytime we see fit! The idea of pairing the coziness of the sweater with a great pair of striped boyfriend-style bottoms keeps the look relaxed yet polished. Add a straw hat -- a nautical must that lends itself to the laid-back vibe of this look.


      Learn more about all of these looks at s e e r s u c k e r + s a d d l e s.

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    • Anchor Tunic

      Many of us think of tunics solely as beach cover-ups, but rest assured, they are absolutely perfect for daywear. Tucked in, tied in a knot, or just free-flowing, the tunic is the perfect summer topper for skinny jeans, shorts, and maxi skirts.

    • Red, White, and Blue

      Lacking nautical printed pieces in your wardrobe?  Don’t fret -- you can still create a nautical look by using the traditional color palette of red, white, and blue. The keys are to not be too literal and make sure your look stays modern. By pairing a navy maxi and white blouse with a belt, sneakers, a hat, and a straw clutch, this look stays nautically inspired -- and current.

    • Striped Maxi Dress

      Stripes: The quintessential nautical pattern. Here, a maxi dress puts stripes at center stage, along with seaside-inspired details like a starfish cuff and red clutch.

    • Tunic and White Jeans

      When thinking nautical, relaxed, polished, and easy-breezy are the names of the game. This outfit hits all three -- a tunic tucked into some white distressed jeans is casual yet pulled together, and is sure to take you back to those fabulous summer nights on the beach.

    • Stripes on Stripes

      Don’t be afraid to mix nautical with nautical. A brightly colored silk stripe blouse and its nautical details are the perfect partner with yet another nautical inspired piece -- casual navy striped shorts. The best way to achieve this without looking over the top is to keep everything tucked and tidy. Pairing it with a leather belt and wedges “anchors” the striped details perfectly.  

    • Multipurpose Dress

      Who doesn't love a dress that you could wear in a multitude of ways? Red stripes not only scream summertime and nautical, but they also allow for many pairings. Try a denim vest with some natural-colored sneakers, or dress it up with a navy cardigan and gorgeous pair of camel leather wedges.

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      Dos and Don'ts of Statement Necklaces

      Love the look of statement necklaces, but not sure if you can pull them off? Or do you love statement necklaces and need new inspiration on ways to wear them? We asked Grace Wainwright, author of A Southern Drawl blog and statement necklace aficionado, to give us her best tips. Click through for 10 fabulous statement necklace ideas!
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