Must-Know Hair Hacks

A good hair day is just seconds away, thanks to these helpful hair hacks. From wish-I'd-thought-of-that styles to time-saving techniques, read on for effortless ways to tame your hair.

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Sunscreens You'll Actually Look Forward to Applying

We all know we're supposed to wear sunscreen, but sometimes its sticky, greasy residue makes hiding indoors almost seem worthwhile. Fear not: These smooth-sailing sunscreens are a breeze to apply, and their barely-there formulas won't turn your beach day into a major bummer. Find your perfect match here!

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The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Oils

They're the current beauty craze, and for good reason -- oils offer a plethora of benefits for your face, hair, nails, and everything in between. But if you're confused by the many options, or just aren't sure how (or why) to use one, we've got answers. Read on to learn all about eight slick superstars, and how you can work them into your regimen.

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New Beauty Ingredients and Trends, Explained

If you've ever left the beauty aisle scratching your head at some of the latest cosmetic catchphrases (growth factors!?! sleep masks!?!), this story is for you. Here, top beauty experts break down the latest buzzwords in skin care and makeup. Consider this handy guide to some of the coolest new products and trends.

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Goof-Proof Self-Tanners

If you like the look of a deep tan or even just a subtle, sun-kissed glow, sunless tanner is the only way to go (no skin-damaging UV rays!). But we all know application can be tricky. One false move and you can be left with an obvious streak that lasts for days. Fortunately, the latest crop of glow getters makes a faux tan faux pas free.

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Products You Need By 30

We're all for having fun and experimenting, but by the time you hit the big 3-0, you should be able to commit to a few reliable, no-fail beauty products. We asked top hair, makeup, and skin pros to reveal the stuff they think should be in every 30-something's bathroom.

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12 Beach Bag Must-Haves

Summer days are meant to be carefree, but that doesn't mean you can drop the, um, beach ball with your beauty routine. Here are our favorite warm-weather essentials to keep you feeling and looking cool, chic, and well protected.

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Top Anti-Aging Foods

Want to fight aging? Experts say the top ingredients for younger, healthier skin are not just found in your face treatments, but also the foods you eat. The right diet plan can keep skin smooth and wrinkle-free. We'll tell you how to take an inside-outside approach to anti-aging -- and get glowing skin in no time.


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    • Young-skin nutrient: Vitamin C

      Why you need it: Vitamin C stimulates skin's own production of collagen -- the cushiony stuff that keeps skin firm and smooth, says Lisa Drayer, M.A., R.D., author of The Beauty Diet. More proof: A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that a diet high in the vitamin correlates to less dryness and fewer wrinkles.
      Eat it: Kiwi

      "Kiwi is one of the best sources of vitamin C," says Drayer, who recommends eating one a day. Not a fan of the tropical fruit? Substitute vitamin C-rich red pepper, broccoli, grapefruit, or oranges.

    • Apply it:

      Look for a topical product that contains ascorbic acid, a stable (read: potent) form of the vitamin. Find it in Philosophy Time in a Bottle Daily Age-Defying Serum ($74;

    • Young skin nutrient: Zinc

      Why you need it: Zinc is an essential mineral needed for collagen production -- something that our bodies can't produce on their own.

      Eat it: Serve up a cup of a low-fat plain yogurt. (Sorry, the frozen variety doesn't count.) In addition to zinc, it's also high in protein, another crucial component of collagen. Boost it: Swap out your regular tub for the Greek variety. "It has approximately double the amount of protein compared to their non-Greek counterparts," Drayer says.

    • Apply it:

      Keep skin soft and supple with a moisturizer that contains the dairy product. Find it in Korres Greek Youghurt Advanced Nourishing Sleeping Facial ($32;

    • Young skin nutrient: Anthocyanins

      Why you need it: The stuff that gives dark-color fruit its deep blue or black color is also a super-potent antioxidant, says Lisa Young, R.D., author of The Portion Teller. Antioxidants neutralize cell-damaging free radicals unleashed by environmental aggressors, such as UV light and pollution.

      Eat it: Just one half cup of blueberries contains enough of the antioxidant, but to reap the benefits, you'll need to eat them daily, Young says. 

    • Apply it:

      Look for skincare products with ceramides, essential skin lipids. Try CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion PM ($14;

    • Young skin nutrient: Water

      Why you need it: Water supports skin's elasticity, which gives skin its ability to stretch and snap back -- not sag. 

      Drink it: Have a hard time with plain H2O? Consider decaffeinated herbal teas or water-rich fruits and vegetables such as watermelon and cucumber, Young says.

    • Apply it:

      Drive more moisture into your cells with a treatment that contains hyaluronic acid, which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. Try Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ ($26;

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