Single Vanity Design Ideas

From the basic design to the cabinetry and countertops, find inspiration for your perfect bathroom vanity.

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single vanity bathroom
Blended to Perfection

    Single vanities usually have less counterspace than expansive double vanities, which means splurging on a luxe material is more affordable. This small dark walnut vanity cabinet features a stunning marble countertop with a graceful beveled edge. A modern glass vessel sink and sleek faucet make the most of the limited counter area, but also provide a well-designed contrast to the traditional vanity. Repeating other traditional-modern style pairs throughout a space will make all the elements of the room work together. For example, here, a contemporary border of mosaic tiles tops a wall treatment of subway tiles.

European Roots

    This little powder room features plenty of European-inspired style. Rather than settling on stock cabinetry, which would have been too large for the space, or for a storage-less pedestal sink, the homeowner scoured retailers and found this weathered wooden table that resembles an expensive European antique and topped it with a vessel sink. A wall-mounted faucet can save precious space on a small vanity. Work with a contractor or plumber to relocate the faucet and the pipes.

Defying Gravity

    Expand a small space by "floating" your vanity above the floor. A wall-mount unit provides an unbroken plane of floor, which will make the bathroom feel bigger. This all-in-one unit features an offset sink, which provides one larger expanse of counter space, rather than two small slivers on each side of the basin. A glass shelf supported by a metal frame provides storage.

Shaping Up

    Vanities have the potential to be a bathroom focal point. Here, a sturdy open vanity features thick wooden legs and an equally oversize porcelain sink. When a vanity's design commands such a presence, scale back the rest of the elements in the bathroom so the overall design of the room isn?t overpowering. A slender-profile toilet, subtle colors, small-scale tile flooring, and minimal contrast between elements balance the commanding vanity.

Ladylike Looks

    Nothing says feminine quite like soft colors and glam surfaces. With built-in storage across the room, this bathroom can afford to sacrifice vanity storage. Instead, two stainless-steel legs support a simple marble countertop. The small sink takes up little space and keeps the rest of the countertop free for pretty soap, sponges, and flowers.

Old Meets New

    Bold materials and rich colors create a trademark look in this traditional-meets-contemporary bathroom space. The dark wood stain on the classic furniture-style vanity, paired with a copper vessel sink and wall-mount faucet, blends old-world style with modern amenities. Wall treatments and a dramatic ceramic tile backsplash create an undeniable style statement.

Vanity Maximization

    Make the most of a small space with a storage-filled vanity. This small vanity features plenty of closed storage space for towels and other bathroom necessities. Keeping countertop accessories to a minimum creates the illusion of more counter space.

Call of the Wild

    This petite wooden vanity cabinet blends perfectly with this bathroom's woodland-inspired motif. Clean lines and minimalistic hardware keep the piece looking crisp and modern. The vanity's light wood finish, minimalistic hardware, and neutral countertop prevent the piece from grabbing attention away from the bold tree-pattern wallpaper.

Narrow Minded

    Narrow bathrooms present a challenge for vanities. This bathroom makes the most out of what could be a cramped space by utilizing a narrow console table as a stand-in vanity. Even though the vanity is finished with a dark stain, its open shelving prevents it from looking too heavy in the small area.

Airy Appeal

    This custom vanity was designed with a deeper-than-normal base to increase storage in this tiny half bath. Exposed stainless-steel feet give the piece a furniture-style look and keep it from looking too heavy in the limited space. A wall-mount faucet is sleek and modern when paired with the low-profile vessel sink

Open Vanity Storage

    A thoughtfully designed open vanity can provide both an airy look and storage. This design has drawers tucked beneath the open shelf, which proves to be a perfect perch for towel-filled baskets.

Mad for Marble

    This marble-topped vanity blends perfectly in a stately bathroom. The elegant marble surfacing adds a bit of natural pattern to the walls and countertop. Below the counter lies a sturdy cabinet that can hold everything from towels to cleaning supplies.

Custom Creation

    A purchased cabinet base and a birch plywood countertop were combined to create a customized vanity to fit a tiny bathroom space. The countertop's curved shape allows the door to open into the room while squeezing in a bit of more storage. A vessel sink and a cylindrical faucet fit the small space and modernize the look.

Contemporary Sophistication

    This sophisticated vanity was designed to achieve a blending of styles. Rich dark walnut cabinetry and copper fixtures help maintain the traditional integrity of the bathroom in this grand home. Meanwhile, glass mosaic tile and black granite countertops nod to contemporary tastes. Paired with clean lines, the neutral color palette looks both sophisticated and fresh.

Space Saver

    This compact vanity makes the most of a small space. The L-shape wooden vanity was made to fit snug in the corner of this tiny bathroom, using the wall as a space-saving second support. The angled faucet in the corner and offset sink help create a bit of needed counter space. A bar attached to the open underside ensures a hand towel is always within reach.

Clean and Serene

    Minimalism is warmed up with soft and soothing hues in this petite bathroom. The slender single vanity tucks in the small footprint of the bathroom, while a long, narrow shelf provides extra counter space. A wall-mount faucet further conserves space.

Double the Drawers

    Space in this bathroom permitted only a single-sink vanity, but a storage-packed dresserlike design was selected to maximize the available space. The structure leaves plenty of counter space on each side of the sink, while deep drawers provide storage space for bathroom essentials.

Beauty and Glam

    This stylish vanity cabinet makes the entire powder room sparkle with a hint of old Hollywood glamour. The mirror-paneled vintage chest was converted into a vanity, outfitted with vintage-style fixtures, and paired with an etched mirror to complete the dramatic statement.

Dresser Do-Over

    An outdated bedroom dresser found new life in this youthful bathroom. A fresh coat of cheery pink paint spiffs the structure up. Although the top drawers give up storage function to the plumbing, behind the cabinet doors is space for beauty supplies and towels. Removing the dresser's bottom drawer offers room to add decorative storage baskets.

Asymmetrical Placement

    By placing the sink to one side, instead of the middle, this dresser-style vanity provides space for two people to stand and groom simultaneously. The vintage cottage aesthetic of the vanity base blends seamlessly with the rest of the bath's charming details, such as the hexagon tile flooring and beaded-board wainscoting.

Industrial Appeal

    This tiny guest bathroom is all about industrial style: clean lines and durable, timeless finishes. For the vanity, the homeowner chose a stainless-steel table, which was purchased at a restaurant supply store. The open-bottom vanity boasts a single shelf to stash towels and other bath essentials. A round fireclay china vessel sink and wall-mount faucet top the vanity and contribute to the contemporary theme.

Completely Compact

    This small vanity area packs in all the necessary amenities. A ledge behind the sink provides counter space and a wall-mount medicine cabinet serves up storage space lost by not having a cabinet beneath the sink. The airy, open console sink creates a stunning focal point in this vintage-inspired bathroom.

Modern Makeover

    To give this bathroom a contemporary feel, the homeowners chose a dark wood vanity with an open design and topped it off with a sleek white porcelain sink and single-handle chrome faucet. The shelf below the countertop provides much-needed storage space and allows easy access to baskets full of bath salts, soaps, and sponges. Bottom drawers stow away other bath necessities.

Small and Sweet

    New and salvaged materials come together to create this adorable, one-of-a-kind vanity. A vanity with a small frame was needed to conserve space in this tiny half bath. The base is topped off with glass mosaic tile and a glass basin. The simple open bottom offers a single shelf that can easily hold towels, a jar of soaps, and a large decorative seashell.

Spa Style

    To achieve a Zen feel in this 5x9-foot master bath, this vanity features earthy, natural colors and materials. The small custom vanity is topped with black granite, a hammered-copper sink, and a fountainlike faucet. The vanity doors feature an Asian-inspired shoji screen pattern, but the recessed portions are filled with copper, instead of paper, to match the sink. Natural color variations of all the materials emphasize the room?s earthy appeal.

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