Single Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

From the basic design to the cabinetry and countertops, find inspiration for your perfect bathroom vanity.

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    Contemporary Sophistication

    This sophisticated vanity was designed to achieve a blending of styles. Dark, rich walnut cabinetry and coppery fixtures help maintain the traditional integrity of the grand home. Meanwhile, glass mosaic tile and black granite (polished on the countertop and rough-edge cut for the vessel sink) nod to the homeowners' contemporary taste. Ultimately, the neutral palette paired with clean lines achieves sophisticated and fresh results.

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    Classic Refresh

    This new furniture-style vanity finished with a pretty marble top is the focal point for this newly remodeled bathroom designed to reflect the 1880s-period style of the home with updated appeal. Purchased online, the vanity was a budget-savvy alternative to having a piece custom-built. A gilded, beveled frame fitted with a mirror, frosted glass sconces, and polished-nickel accents complete the classic look.

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    Space Saver

    This compact vanity makes the most of a small space. The homeowner constructed the wooden L-shape vanity to fit snug in the corner, using the wall as a space-saving second support. He angled the faucet in the corner and offset the bowl sink to allow some counter space. A towel bar attaches to the open underside, while a wall-mounted cabinet across the room (not shown) makes up for missing cabinet storage.

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    Modern Statement

    Here, simple Shaker-style cabinet doors and sleek hardware give this vanity modern style to complement the bathroom's clean lines. A shelving unit extends the look of the vanity and adds storage space in the small bathroom. Open shelves (and a glass cabinet door at the base) keep the dark wood finish from overpowering the room.

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    Modern & Serene

    Minimalism is warmed up with soft and soothing hues in this petite bathroom. The slender single vanity tucks in the small footprint of the bathroom, while a long, narrow shelf provides extra counterspace. A wall-mount faucet further conserves space.

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    Single Vanity, Double Drawers

    Space in this bathroom permitted only a single-sink vanity, but a dresser-like design was selected to maximize the available space. The vanity leaves plenty of counterspace on each side of the sink, while deep drawers provide essential storage space.

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    Stand-Alone Storage

    Add storage beyond your single vanity with a stand-alone unit. Get ideas here!

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    Beauty and Glam

    This vanity cabinet makes the entire powder room sparkle with a hint of old Hollywood glam. The mirror-paneled vintage chest was converted into a vanity, outfitted with vintage-style fixtures, and paired with an etched mirror to complete the glamorous statement.

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    Dresser Do-Over

    An old bedroom dresser found new life in this youthful bathroom. A fun, fresh coat of paint spiffs things up. Although the top drawers give up storage function to the plumbing, middle cabinets provide space for some beauty supplies. And removing the dresser's bottom drawer offers room to add decorative storage baskets.

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    Soft and Pretty

    This standard bathroom vanity just needed a little facelift to achieve this pretty look. A fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and a new countertop and sink updated its form and function. Then, medicine cabinets were built to fit between the soffit and counter to add convenient storage. Textured glass door panels mimic the woven texture of the wallpaper.

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    Asymmetrical Placement

    By placing the sink to one side, instead of the middle, this dresser-style vanity provides space for two people to stand and groom simultaneously. The vintage cottage aesthetic of the vanity base blends seamlessly with the rest of the bath's charming details, such as the hexagon tile flooring and beaded-board wainscoting.

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    Single Vanity Bonus

    Instead of relying solely on the vanity for storage, this bathroom gets a boost with a set of shelves, recessed into the wall between studs. The back of the niche is lined with pretty paper for a stylish touch.

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    Clean and Contemporary

    This tiny guest bathroom is all about industrial style: clean lines and durable, timeless finishes. For the vanity, the homeowner chose a stainless-steel table, purchased at a restaurant supply store. The open-bottom vanity boasts a single shelf to stash towels and other bath essentials. A round fireclay china vessel sink and wall-mount faucet top the vanity and contribute to the contemporary theme.

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    Compact & Complete

    This small vanity area packs in all the necessary amenities. A ledge behind the sink provides counterspace and a wall-mount medicine cabinet serves up storage space lost by not having a cabinet beneath the sink. The airy, open console sink creates a stunning focal point.

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    New Made Old

    Grand spaces and warm, inviting design are trademarks of this Spanish-inspired hacienda-style home, so the powder bath could be no exception. A distressed finish and oversized, carved legs give the vanity cabinet the aged appearance it needs to feel at home. The custom piece was enhanced with a wooden backsplash and built-in accent drawers to look like an old piece of furniture.

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    Modern Makeover

    To get a contemporary look, the homeowners of this bathroom chose a dark wood vanity with an open design and topped it off with a sleek porcelain sink and single-handle chrome faucet. The shelf below provides much-needed storage space and allows easy access to baskets full of bath salts, soaps, and sponges. Bottom drawers hide other bath necessities.

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    Small and Sweet

    New and salvaged materials come together to create this cute, one-of-a-kind vanity. The homeowners needed a vanity with a small frame to conserve space in this small half-bath. The salvaged wood base is topped off with glass mosaic tile and a sea-blue glass basin. The simple, open-bottom vanity offers a single shelf that can easily hold towels, a jar of soaps, and a decorative seashell.

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    Stylish Skirt

    This simple, marble-top workbench-style vanity gets a whole new look when a skirt replaces the cabinet doors. The simple cotton skirting (easily updated in the future) gives the vanity a soft, cottage look while hiding towels and other bathroom essentials.

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    Spa Appeal

    To achieve a Zen feel in this 5x9-foot master bath, the vanity uses earthy, natural colors and materials. The small, custom vanity is topped with black granite, a hammered-copper sink, and a fountainlike faucet. The vanity doors feature a shoji screen pattern, but the recessed portions are filled with copper instead of paper to match the sink. The copper's natural color variations emphasize the earthy appeal of the room.

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