Bathroom Vanity Picks

Check out these ideas for beautiful bathroom vanities. Get ideas for traditional bathrooms, plus more modern rooms. See how to use one vanity or a double vanity in your bathroom.


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    • Classic Colors

      Classic colors give this bathroom a crisp modern feeling. Black marble tops the painted vanity for a sophisticated look, while square knobs add a modern touch. The vanity has ample counter space as well as cabinets, drawers, and open storage space underneath.

    • Super Sleek

      This super sleek vanity uses color and shape to stand out in the all-white bathroom. Twin sinks are placed side-by-side to create more counter space for grooming essentials.

    • Skirted Works

      A toile skirt adds soft style to a simple double vanity and conceals items stored underneath the countertop. The skirt is practical yet stays in line with the bathroom’s traditional, feminine style.

    • Small Vanities with Style

      See how to get loads of style into a small bathroom vanity with these ideas.

    • Intricate Details

      A curvaceous European-inspired vanity has major impact in this master bathroom. The intricately carved detailing sets this vanity apart from the rest. The countertop mimics the curve of the vanity drawers as does the round vessel sink that completes the look.

    • Feminine Feel

      The graceful curved legs on the furniture-style vanity commands attention in the feminine bathroom. The variation of pure white and off-white paint adds an ever-so-slight contrast to the piece and adds to its light and airy feel.

    • Custom Creation

      This double vanity with the dark wood base and light marble countertop has a rich, luxurious feel. The custom piece is over 9 feet long and supplies more-than-adequate elbow room and storage for the owners of this master bath. Glass knobs add a hint of sparkle and take the room's overall glamour to the next level.

    • Coastal Chic

      This simple white vanity adds visual interest and definition with an X motif on the cabinet doors. The vanity's overall look matches the plank wainscoting and coastal theme that dominates the small bathroom.

    • Fit for Furniture

      This furniture-like vanity combined with a modern vessel sink to create an elegant look in this bathroom. The wooden piece has plenty of storage to serve as a vanity yet is an unexpected choice. The vanity is topped with a black countertop to protect the wood underneath.

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      Necessary Niche

      This simple, white double vanity has storage space for two and helps out with the laundry. A niche in between the two sinks is reserved for a laundry basket, perfect for collecting dirty towels and washcloths. This way, the laundry basket stays accessible without taking up precious floor space.

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      Cutting Costs

      A hard plastic covering on this fanity looks like heavily grained wood, but is perfect for a steamy room like the bathroom. Plus, it's a fraction of the price of solid wood. When paired with a contemporary faucet and simple black pulls, the vanity looks sleek and modern. 

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      Simple and Streamlined

      Shaker-style cabinetry and a solid marble countertop give this double vanity a sleek and streamlined look. A warm white paint on the cabinets ensures coordination with the beige wallcovering, while clear knobs add a bit of sparkle to the piece. Twin sinks are separated by open storage that can conveniently house towels and washcloths.

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      Storage Savvy

      With open storage on both sides of the sink, this vanity is practical for storing bathroom essentials. Off-white paint and a marble countertop keep the vanity feeling classy, while gray walls bring out the veining in the countertops.

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      Shades of Gray

      A barely-there-gray on the vanity keeps in line with the bathroom’s distinctly modern feel. A slate gray solid-surfacing countertop continues the room's tonal look, while stainless-steel handles on the drawers add industrial style. Open storage at the bottom is perfect for baskets or storing towels.

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      Small Piece, Big Impact

      This small vanity packs a punch with a decorative door-front finished with a mirror panel. On the right side of the vanity, tiny niches provide more space for storage. The more formal style of the vanity plays off of the wood-paneled walls to create a warm and welcoming room.

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      Creative Combinations

      This industrial-style vanity manages to feel open while still offering lots of storage space. Steel rods and cedar planks combine with Carrara marble to make this double vanity a one-of-a-kind custom piece. Baskets work to store toiletry items while vintage keepsakes are left on display.

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      Double Duty

      To fit into a compact powder room, this vanity had to take up a small amount of square footage while creating storage. The vanity has two drawers as well as open storage at the bottom. An off-center sink was a smart idea that created more usable counter space.

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      High Contrast Style

      This rounded ebony vanity fits perfectly in a small powder room. The dark color looks rich against Venetian plaster walls. A simple, white countertop finishes the look and contrasts the vanity’s dark wood.

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      Old World Approach

      A solid stone vanity helps to anchor this bathroom in old world style. The vanity is loaded with character and the countertop is even embellished with a mosaic of colored tiles. The curve around the sink basin matches the curving backsplash of the vanity and helps to soften the piece’s look.

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      Clever Chest

      A French chest topped with marble acts as a proper vanity in this bathroom. The chests matches the room's old world feel and beige color palette perfectly. With two drawers and an ample countertop, this chest gets the job done when it comes to storage.

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