Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Find the perfect vanity for your bathroom. Whether contemporary, traditional, or vintage, your bathroom vanity is an essential part of the room. Make sure it shines with these bath vanity ideas.

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Wood bathroom vanity
Walnut-Stained Bathroom Vanity

    Glass knobs lend sparkle to this bathroom's rosewood vanity doors, which are trimmed in walnut-stained alder. Graceful curves in the sink and faucet soften the stone used throughout the bath, including the pebble-glass-tile backsplash. A wall-hung cabinet fashioned from rosewood and alder matches the vanity doors below. The cabinet creates a hutchlike configuration with the matching vanity for a look that suits the 1920s house. For a similar look in your bathroom, offset clean lines with smooth curves in the sink. Open shelves are perfect for displays of personal accents and frame the mirror.

Victorian-Style Bathroom Vanity

    A dresser-style vanity can be an ideal way to blend modern and historical elements in your bathroom. Gothic-style arched mirrors, ample storage space, and scalloped skirting create an old-world look and offer up-to-the-minute practicality. The white-stained vanity matches the color scheme in the bathroom, with creamy whites and light wood floors, while the bridge-style faucet's porcelain handles add to the Victorian style.

Traditional Bath Vanity

    For a more traditional bath, richly stained cherry woodwork and classically styled doors are ideal. Offset the dark wood with a light granite countertop for a beautiful and easy-to-clean grooming space. This traditional vanity fits in beautifully with the reproduction light fixture. Vanity stools, such as the one in this bath, create a place to sit at the cosmetics counter. A triple mirror creates ample amount of space for two to get ready simultaneously, and the stained cherrywood matches the cabinetry found throughout the rest of the bathroom, creating continuity in the bath.

Floor-to-Ceiling Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

    Add a twist to your vanity by extending storage space from floor to ceiling. When you extend the cabinetry past the countertop to the ceiling, the vanity takes on the essence of a freestanding hutch. The extra cabinet space is ideal for a couple or multiple users, as the creamy tones of the woodwork mesh beautifully with the white marble and neutral limestone found in the remainder of the bathroom. Create soft lighting for the vanity mirror with vintage-looking fixtures that flank both sides.

Tropical-Style Bathroom Vanity

    Add to an exotic bath with a luxurious vanity. Open storage space below is adorned with a woven pattern that adds an element of Japanese flair, and dark wood cabinetry fits in beautifully with the exotic-looking hardwood floors. Create a focal point for the vanity by surrounding the mirror with a thick frame that stands out against the background. The look here is completed with rattan-weave inserts in the cabinet doors and greenery on the countertops. For a tropical decor in your bathroom that exudes a sense of calm and relaxation, various design elements such as weave patterns and raised sink bowls are the perfect touch.

Double Vanity with Arched Surround

    A double-sink vanity can be ideal for a couple, providing space for both to use the area simultaneously. The soothing white and light-blue tones mesh beautifully in this bathroom, creating a clean and calming look. The elegantly arched surround shows that the dual-sink vanity is all one piece, but separation between the mirrors ensures that there is plenty of space for two. Use soothing hues on your double vanity to create an elegant look that is ideal for your master bath.

Bathroom Vanity with Elegant Contrast

    Create a beautiful contrast in your bathroom by contrasting a light color scheme with a dark-stained vanity. Here, the vanity is outlined by a dormer and illuminated by two skylights. A large mirror doubles as a medicine cabinet, and is stained to match the bathroom cabinets below. Make your vanity stand out by using bold contrasts, but be sure to extend some part of the surrounding color scheme to the vanity. In this bath, the dark-wood cabinetry is softened by a light countertop, ensuring that the vanity fits in with the rest of the bath.

Elegant Bathroom Vanity

    This cream-color vanity exudes a soft, elegant atmosphere. Frosted-glass doors create a break from the wooden cabinetry and stylishly hide clutter, and the creamy tones blend with the light color scheme of the bathroom. Adorn the cabinets with dark handles to break the monotony and add a splash of contrast. To ensure continuity, a light granite countertop sets atop the vanity, meshing with the hues found throughout the rest of the bathroom. This classy look can be attained in your bathroom by using a light color scheme and elegant woodwork.

Soothing Bathroom Vanity

    This vanity is perfect for attaining a tranquil atmosphere in your bathroom. Light blue-green hues exude a sense of calm and match the color scheme of the rest of the bathroom. Cabinets are free of hardware with the exception of a single chrome knob to mark the location of a pullout laundry hamper. This bathroom's clean lines add to its soothing appeal. A mirror that travels the length of the vanity can be a perfect finishing touch for your bathroom, ensuring that multiple people can use the vanity simultaneously without feeling cluttered or confined.

Victorian-Style Vanity

    A nontraditional vanity may be the best way to add your own personal style to the bathroom. This vintage-style vanity is adorned with a rectangular sink, marble countertop, and curved faucet with cross handles. The open storage space combines with the vintage details to conjure images of a Victorian washstand. The dark vanity in this bathroom fits in well with the color scheme, using lightly colored marble countertops that contrast with the coffee-dark wood and blending with the pale-gray walls.

Vanity with Large Framed Mirrors

    Large framed mirrors, such as the one in this bathroom, make a room seem even more spacious. The white cabinetry matches the woodwork found throughout the rest of the bathroom, while the travertine countertops blend beautifully with the tiled floors and sandy colored walls. Overhead lighting is ideal for any vanity, and creates a soft glow from above when getting ready.

Vanity Area with Furniture-Style Cabinets

    A white vessel sink and a gold faucet sit atop a vanity flanked by tall, quartersawn-walnut cabinets that provide storage as well as style. Frosted-glass doors on the cabinets add contrast to the walnut woodwork, and hide clutter, while soft lighting surrounding the vanity mirror creates a flattering glow. A raised sink adds a vintage appeal, and meshes well with the style of the bathroom. The dark walnut woodwork is the perfect complement to the wooden floors.

Bathroom Vanity with Mixed Textures

    Mix textures on your vanity to create a fun place to get ready that matches the atmosphere of the rest of the bathroom. A smooth, stained-alder counter in this bathroom contrasts beautifully with chiseled barklike legs, and a vessel sink completes the earthy look. Various tones of brown are used to bring the vanity together as one -- but the area is anything but monotonous. For a fun and calming effect in your bathroom, mix and match textures while sticking to the color scheme of your bath.

Luxurious Bathroom Vanity

    The vanity's mix of silvery-white cabinetry and blue marble countertops sets a dignified tone in this bathroom. Add grace and style with a bay-style mirror that extends from the countertop to the ceiling, and a silver, white, and blue color scheme that exudes elegance. Hide clutter and add style by placing fabric over clear-glass cabinetry. The painted molding on the cabinetry creates continuity, and brings the cabinetry on the top and bottom together.

Vintage-Style Bathroom Vanity

    Enhance the antique feel of your bathroom with a vintage-style vanity. The round vessel sink creates a beautiful contrast for the angular tiles on the wall and the clean lines of the cabinetry. The bronze colors found on the mirror frame, sink, and basin create an elegant contrast for the creamy colors of the wall, floor, and countertop. Create a similar appeal in your bathroom with bronze highlights and a vintage appeal.

Stylish Bathroom Vanity

    For a clean and contemporary look like this bathroom, use soft, honey-color American cherrywood. Add contrast by leaving some drawer fronts smooth-planed to show off the wood's gentle grain, but add reeds to others for Asian style and texture. Ample storage space is provided with the cabinets and drawers. The cherrywood mirror frame brings the look together. A raised sink bowl adds a unique twist, while the latticework on the medicine cabinet softens the clean lines of the woodwork. Create contrast in your bathroom by using different textures for the woodwork, while bringing continuity by using the same type of wood.

Bathroom Vanity with Oversize Mirror

    A modern vanity fits well in a contemporary bathroom. Here, a mirror doubles as a medicine cabinet above the sink, while another oversize mirror creates a spacious allure. Dark-gray cabinetry below the sink fits in beautifully with the dark tile found on the floors and walls. Light-gray tones on the walls surround the mirror/medicine cabinet to bring continuity to the area. A small vanity stool beneath the oversize mirror provides comfort for a cosmetics counter.

Bathroom Vanity with Cool Contrasts

    Add a modern element to your bathroom with the use of black on the sconces, mirror frames, and vanity. The farm-style sink is modernized with ebonized wood on the base and mirror frame, but water-green tiles soften the area and bring the look together. Open shelving is perfect for storing towels, while the mirror can double as a medicine cabinet for additional storage.

Pedestal Sinks and Freestanding Cabinetry

    Rather than choosing a bulky double vanity, create a definitive look in your bathroom with pedestal sinks and freestanding cabinetry. In this bathroom, the cabinetry is placed beneath full-size windows that define the space. Mirrors above the sinks are perfect for getting ready. The white cabinetry and porcelain sinks are a beautiful fit for the light color scheme. The crisp whiteness adds a classy touch that can be easily obtained in your bathroom.

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