Master Bathroom Plans

Master bathrooms require thoughtful planning. Here's how to plan a stylishly indulgent bathroom that accommodates getting-ready and relaxation needs for a couple or individual.

When it comes to planning a master bathroom, take time to enjoy the process! Designing an exclusive haven that serves only you and your partner is a unique opportunity that guarantees personal satisfaction.

As with any bathroom design project, begin by establishing a budget and taking exact room measurements. If you're remodeling, you'll save money by working with a room's existing footprint and plumbing. Sketch the space, penciling in windows and doors and 36-inch walkways.

Then, determine how the two of you will use the bathroom. Will your morning routines overlap? Do you need a separate shower and tub? Should the tub be a statement piece? Will a prefab shower enclosure work or is a roomy steam shower more in sync with your unwinding inclinations? One double-sink vanity or a pair of separate vanities? A linen closet or separate toilet compartment?

Plan & Research

Spend time visiting bathroom showrooms and home centers, either in person or online, to find fittings that suit your desires, budget, and decorating style. Select must-have and substantial pieces first to see how far your resources will stretch and how much money you will have to spend on surfaces and accessories. Considering opting for neutral or water-hued palettes that can please feminine and masculine tastes.          

Look for stock, semicustom, or custom vanity cabinets that establish character and supply ample storage. Choose frameless Euro-style vanities outfitted with sculptural vessel sinks for contemporary or Asian appeal and framed-door vanities equipped with undermount porcelain or copper sinks suit old-world and traditional spaces. Short on square-footage? Plan on using pedestal, wall-mount, or console sinks that occupy little floor and visual space.

In the Details

Take your cue from cabinet finishes to color-coordinate natural and man-made materials that will appear as countertops, backsplashes, tub decks, shower walls, and floors.

Devise a multilevel lighting plan that includes task lights for vanities, shower, and tub; ambient lighting fixtures that supply general illumination; and glowing accent lights that contribute decorative silhouettes.

With the bones in place, select faucets, hardware, and towel bars rendered in style-appropriate finishes and profiles. Amplify appeal and utility by including good-looking medicine cabinets, artistically arranged shelves, freestanding furniture pieces, and attractively framed mirrors.

If budgets allow, boost a bath's spa feel with heated towel racks, high-end shower systems, radiant-heated floors, and sound systems. Use towels, window treatments, and rugs to introduce color and soft textures that ease a bathroom's linear geometry and hard surfaces.

Having done your homework, you'll find that your master bathroom goes together without a hitch, perfectly satisfying you and your partner's individual and shared workday and relaxation requirements.

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