Half Bath

Call it a half bath, guest bath, or powder room, a small bath packs a lot of function into slim square footage. A half bath is convenient for houseguests and family members alike, and is often placed just outside of a main living area to ensure accessibility. One of the half bath's biggest challenges is making the most of its layout. Adding a half bath has become a popular remodeling project to boost a home's value. Planning to add a powder room in your home? Save money on your remodeling project by choosing a location near your water and sewer connections. Carve out space for your powder room beneath stairs, or borrow from a large storage closet or unused area. Key elements to include in a half bath are a mirror, toilet, and sink. Create extra storage and enhance the room's aesthetic appeal with a single-style vanity, or enlist space-saving storage to organize and stow accessories. Slim vertical shelving or baskets that can fit under the sink can also provide extra storage and organization in a small bath. Add style and function to your half bath or powder room with these ideas tailored to small bathrooms.


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