Saving Time and Money

Minimize the minutes, squeeze the dollars, and keep your house looking great.
Time-Smart Tips

Clean Quick

Clock Cleaning doesn't have to be an
all-day task if you use your time

In 30 minutes: Sweep the kitchen floor and wipe the cooktop; wipe the sink, mirror, and toilet in guest bath; and dust the dining or living room table.

Two hours to clean: Kitchen and bath basics; vacuum living area floors and dust major furniture; declutter throughout the house.

Double Time

Minor chores to do while talking on a portable telephone:

  • Unload the dishwasher.
  • Sweep the kitchen floor.
  • Fold or wash a load of laundry.
  • Pick up around the house.
  • Iron two or three garments.
  • Polish silver.
  • Clean out the catchall drawer.

Cleaning on the Cheap

Hire a reliable neighborhood teenager, such as your regular baby-sitter, to come in and baby-sit for a whole day while you or your spouse clean the house. It's more economical to pay a baby-sitter than a housekeeper.

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