Ultimate Storage-Packed Baths

Get a clean, clutter-free bath with spa-like appeal. Check out our picks for the top restful retreats with savvy storage ideas you can use.

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Bathroom Makeover
Bathroom Makeover

    Smart space planning and chic updates elevated this once-nondescript powder room from drab to fab. Annexing a sliver of space from surrounding rooms paved the way for upgrading the powder room a full bath. Even with the added square footage, the room still lacked a window, but a white-on-white color scheme and plenty of reflective surfaces create an airy atmosphere.

Clear Up Clutter

    Custom cabinets were designed to fit under the ceiling's deep angles. This over-the-toilet unit houses storage overflow from the vanity's drawers and cabinets. Consider dividing your bathroom gear into two camps: the things you use every day and the things you use only occasionally. Keep your everyday essentials near the place you do your primping, and shuttle the rest to a nearby storage space, such as an over-the-toilet unit like this one.

Mirror Effect

    Mirror-front doors and drawers grace the custom-built vanity, adding glamour while reflecting light -- a valuable trick that makes the space look bigger. To accommodate the elegant deep vessel sink, the vanity's height was dropped a few inches. Varying sizes of drawers accommodate different storage needs. Shallow drawers are perfect for makeup and brushes, while deeper drawers accommodate hair dryers and flat irons.

Built-In Storage

    To the left of the vanity, shelves built between wall studs hold towels and favorite fragrances. Baskets keep linens organized. If you're shopping for baskets or bins to fit a certain shelf, measure your storage space's dimensions before you head out on your hunt to ensure you'll get a container that fits.

White Canvas

    For a subtle hint of contrast in the monochromatic color palette, the designer varied the hues: a creamy white for the cabinetry and a crisp, cool white for the walls.

Have a Seat

    A custom-built bench designed to match the cabinetry provides a great place to dry off. Its built-in drawer houses fresh towels and extra toiletries.

Pretty and Practical

    Beyond the sumptuous, spa-like scheme of this bathing retreat, plentiful and straightforward storage keeps life organized and daily tasks effortless. Two vanities allow each homeowner to organize grooming necessities on an individual counter and within customized drawers.

Stress-Free Morning

    Clear acrylic trays keep jewelry and shaving supplies tidy and accessible in a vanity drawer.

Nooks and Crannies

    Crisply painted cabinetry sections the 12x15-foot room into task-specific areas for showering, soaking, drying off, dressing, grooming, and applying finishing touches. A sliver of space below a window adjacent to one vanity accommodates a built-in dressing table and stool for primping in the natural light.

Beauty Station

    The bonus counter space offers a home for a pretty ironstone tray to organize jewels and scents. A woven silverware tray fitted with clear plastic containers inside a shallow drawer organizes makeup supplies. A nonslip drawer liner keeps compacts from shifting.

Shorten Your Steps

    No need to shuffle all the way to the kitchen for your morning pick-me-up. A kitchenette just off the bath outfitted with a sink, coffee station, mini refrigerator, and slim dishwasher easily incorporates breakfast into the routine. A generous 6-foot-long line of cabinets offers pretty and practical storage for extra bath towels and toiletries, as well as spots to stash coffee mugs, canisters of beverage supplies, and favorite late-night snacks.

Added Storage

    A built-in linen cabinet with a bench seat fills an easily forgotten corner, offering a spot to towel off after a bath or enjoy a pampering pedicure.

Within Reach

    In a low drawer, canvas-lined bins hold pedicure supplies and put travel toiletries at the ready.

Unique Displays

    Several standout containers complement the elegant monogrammed linens and marble-tile surfaces. Metal and porcelain trays are small and light, allowing supplies to transition from sink to dressing table to tubside.

Simple Indulgence

    A vintage silver soup ladle serves bath salts right out of a glass decanter and into the tub. Shapely glass jars -- a mix of family heirlooms and new vessels from discount stores -- show off salts, sponges, and cotton balls.

Fun and Functional

    Unexpected containers add unique charm and smart storage to this bath. Even a large clamshell gets in on the action, holding scrubbing accessories and soap in the walk-in shower.

Capable Cabinets

    To squeeze lots of storage space into a cozy, compact bathroom, efficient cabinetry is a must. Here, recessed flat-panel cabinets put on a clean, attractive front. Just behind the cabinet doors and drawers, clever kitchenlike storage components maximize storage space for bathroom essentials.

Make Use of Vertical Space

    A glass-door cabinet sits atop one end of the countertop and provides four levels of vertical storage for stacked towels.

Pullouts that Please

    Below the sink, two cabinet doors open to reveal a roomy pullout shelf. This pullout makes grabbing bath essentials easy. A handy towel bar -- attached to the back of a cabinet door -- offers an out-of-sight storage spot for washcloths.

Hide the Hamper

    Beneath the vanity countertop, a pullout hamper provides a spot for stashing dirty clothes. The canvas liner is removable for easy transport on laundry day.

Add a Dressing Area

    In the adjoining dressing area, a built-in dresser and a floor-to-ceiling shoe shelf offer plenty of storage without taking up a single inch of floor space.

Nifty Niche

    A built-in shower niche keeps shampoos and soaps nearby without taking up any floor space. If a niche is out of the question in your shower stall, consider storing products in a decorative shower caddy that hangs from the showerhead. Another idea: Suction-cup caddies are easy to place wherever you want them.

Personalized Storage

    In this master bathroom, customized cabinetry and a linen closet ensure a plethora of storage opportunities. The spacious dual vanity -- treated with an antique finish -- offers double the storage space. Customized cabinet and drawer inserts keep all grooming and bathing supplies stored out of sight.

Make Multitasking Easy

    A cabinet sits atop the vanity, separating the two sink areas and concealing a brewing station. Canisters and wire baskets organize coffee- and tea-brewing necessities on the top shelves, while a lower shelf houses mugs. The couple can brew and enjoy their favorite morning beverages without having to leave the bathroom.

Customize Cabinets

    A deep drawer can safely hold a hot hair dryer and other primping tools after use. Here, custom-fit stainless-steel canisters allow beauty tools to cool safely inside the drawer as well as house them.

Storage in the Shower

    A large bench in the shower offers a perch to sit and soak and a place for bathing necessities. A two-tier metal lazy Susan sits atop the shower bench and functions as a caddy for gels and scrubbing supplies.

Creative Linen Closet

    For added convenience, a linen closet was built into the corner wall space between the vanity and the walk-in shower. Inside, shelves accommodate towels and labeled baskets of workout clothes. A storage cube on wheels slides out to allow easy access to yoga blocks. Hooks and shallow compartments, hanging from pegboard mounted to the back of the closet door, store small items.

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