Super Bathroom Storage

Try these easy (and pretty!) ideas to boost your bathroom storage.


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    • Better Vanity

      Bath storage begins with a generous vanity. We picked this one for its solid doors, adjustable interior shelf, and deep lower drawer. The vintage-style shelf and medicine cabinet on the wall above provide even more space for bath and grooming necessities.

    • Maximize Space

      Many bathrooms are tiny, so smart storage is essential. But it can still be pleasing to the eye. Collect containers in like colors or interesting shapes to corral lip glosses, hair ties, and all those small stray must-haves that can make a mess. Add labels to keep yourself ├╝ber organized.

    • Add Depth with Pattern

      Pump up the color and pattern inside a cabinet by adding a backdrop of jazzy paper, such as this cheerful motif we found at For the medicine cabinet, we used a straightedge and crafts knife to cut a rectangle of art paper to fit behind the shelves. A bit of double-stick tape keeps it in place. If moisture is a concern, use coated wallpaper.

    • Recycled Storage

      Recycle clean coffee tins and powdered drink containers into eye-catching storage bins by covering them with decorative paper. Cut paper to size and secure to the container with double-stick tape or hot glue.

    • Max Out Storage

      See how to max out bathroom storage with these smart ideas.

    • Close at Hand

      Think about the things you use every day and those you use only occasionally. Plan your bath storage so the items you reach for at wake-up and lights-out are the easiest to grab. We gave this painted wood shelf an aged look by sanding the edges and inserting rusted tin panels and a beveled mirror. Drilling two 3-inch holes in the shelf creates holders for glasses. Fill them with toothbrushes, toothpaste, or other essentials. Simply pop out the glasses when it's time for a trip through the dishwasher.

    • Tool Tip

      Use a hole saw and power drill to cut perfect circles with 1/2- to 3-inch diameters. Drill the center of a hole with a standard bit and then switch to the hole saw. Plan to pay $10 to $30 for the hole saw, depending on size. You can find it at your local home center.

    • Put Scraps to Use

      It doesn't take much fabric to sew up these sweet, cinch-top bottle bags. Perfect for hair-care products, they tuck neatly into the vanity without taking up valuable shelf space. We affixed them to the inside of the cabinet with easy-mount adhesive plastic hooks.

    • Cabinet Cure-All

      Stow bulky items -- towels, super-size bottles, baskets of bath oils -- under the sink. Here, a paper towel holder keeps extra rolls of toilet paper out of sight. And a lazy Susan is the perfect way to ensure access to that back bottle of hair spray.

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      Repurpose, Reinvent

      The removable tray from an old toolbox fits perfectly in the vanity's bottom drawer. It now serves as a grab-and-go mani-pedi caddy.

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      Your Diamonds' Best Friend

      If you've ever knocked an earring down the drain, you know the feeling. Prevent those moments of panic by protecting jewelry in small cinch bags. Bonus: When it's travel time, these bags are a great way to transport favorite pieces in style.

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