Practical Bathroom Storage Tips

Create a stress-free zone for getting ready in the morning with these easy and convenient tips for bathroom storage and organization.


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    • Bank on Baskets

      Baskets are the ideal storage solution. Not only do the chic containers conceal an array of toiletries, but they do it in style. Choose a variety of wicker baskets in different sizes and shades to hide cosmetics or spare toilet paper rolls. Mix them with vintage luggage for storage with a flea market feel.

      Find Your Storage Style
    • Feature Floating Shelves

      Floating shelves are an inexpensive option for small bathrooms with little storage space to spare. Hang a pair of shelves above the toilet or create a makeshift vanity by hanging a large mirror above a single floating shelf. Stock the space with glass containers to hold cosmetic brushes, cotton swabs, jewelry, and more.

    • Happy Hutch

      When built-ins just aren't an option, look to flea market furniture. This antique hutch provides plenty of cubby space for spare washcloths and perfume. The hinged door allows for prep space when pulled down, while lower rungs create room for a basket of fluffy towels.

    • Glamour Central

      Serve up tidy fragrances and jewelry on bathroom countertops with a gorgeous glass tray. In a nearby drawer, use clear glass containers to hold brushes, cotton products, and cosmetics so they stay within reach and are easy to find.

    • Mini But Mighty Bath Solutions

      Max out your bathroom's storage potential with these ideas for handling objects big and small.

    • Beauty Beneath

      The floor below a console or wall-hung sink is storage space waiting to be claimed. Tuck a large woven basket here -- it's pretty in its own right -- and use the container for storing clean towels or extra toilet paper rolls.

    • Grab a Seat

      Garden stools pull double-duty as both seating and storage. Place one by your bath to hold a soap dish, bath beads, and other spa accessories. When it comes time to bathe your children or pets, just whisk the toiletries away and use the ceramic stool for seating.

    • Wall Niche

      Use a wall niche to squeeze out extra storage space in a bath. Whether used as a decorative display or for functional storage, a niche also adds depth and interest to a wall area.

    • Tray Chic

      Dedicate a long, shallow tray to hairstyling tools, cosmetics, or accessories so you can transport them to and from a shelf or drawer. A tray made of metal or a sturdy natural weave safely holds small appliances as they cool, while plastic trays make for easy cleanup.

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      Straight and Narrow

      Storage is at a premium in small bathrooms. Keep clutter in control without overwhelming a narrow space by adding a shallow metal rack. Stack the shelves with linens, soaps, and body scrubs.

      Small-Space Organization Tips
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      Budget Storage Solutions

      Boost your bathroom storage for less with these smart organization tips and tricks.

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      Dress It Up

      Use a cloth skirt to conceal items under an open vanity. The fabric can be pulled open for grab-and-go convenience or closed when guests are present. To keep items organized underneath the vanity, employ stackable wire baskets, clear plastic containers, or risers.

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      Double-Duty Niche

      Make a shower niche even more hardworking by adding a shelf so you can double up on storage capacity. Use one shelf for sponges, creams, and soaps and a second shelf for shampoo and conditioner.

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      Hang Ledges

      For small trinkets like jewelry, try a picture ledge. The small surface is more shallow than a typical shelf, making it perfect for small bathrooms. The unobtrusive storage unit fits well above a sink and creates easy access to toothbrushes and everyday toiletries.

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      Contain Yourself

      Rid your undersink storage of unattractive packaging and beauty products, such as cotton swabs and small soaps, and display products on a bathroom countertop in pretty storage containers. Browse flea markets and local home centers to find jars and containers to suit your bathroom decor.

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      Dual Storage

      Put wasted space between vanities to work with a shelving unit. A ladder placed between the sinks makes use of just a slice of vertical space and holds towels, washcloths, and other bathroom essentials. Two medicine cabinets above the twin pedestal sinks store toothpaste, mouthwash, and medicine, while wall-mount soap holders below keep hand soap within easy reach.

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      Try a Tall Cabinet

      See how a tall cabinet adds lots of storage to this bathroom -- plus get tips on making the most of the space you have!

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      Beauty Oasis

      If you've ever fidgeted with packaging for beauty care products, you'll love the convenience of "decanting" cosmetic sponges and cotton rounds and stowing them in small bins or containers tucked inside the medicine cabinet. Open the door and viola -- it's a breeze to grab what you need.

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      Look to Labels

      Take the guesswork out of retrieval or putting things away by sorting bathroom toiletries into containers. Label each bin with the contents and create a playful feel by choosing
      large colorful stick-on labels.

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      Shelf Satisfaction

      Simplicity begets elegance when you stack a trio of clean-lined shelves on the wall above the toilet. It's an easy way to take advantage of vertical wall space and increase storage. Use one shelf to display a few pieces of artwork and use the remaining two to hold short stacks of towels and a few rolls of toilet paper.

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      Strategic Placement

      Stow heavy items, such as cleaning supplies, toward the bottom of your closet. If you have young children, however, these items should be stored high on a shelf or in a locked cabinet.

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      Few rooms house as many small, assorted items as the bathroom. Keep them all in check and streamline your morning routine with these bathroom storage ideas for creating functional and stylish stowaways.
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