Quick & Easy Bath Storage

Bathrooms equal small spaces, high humidity, and lots of stuff. Here are clever ideas to order the chaos without breaking the bank.

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Quick + Easy Bath Storage
On a Platter

    If you have countertop space around your sink, add a tray or platter to keep frequently used toiletries at hand. Cups or vases creatively hold brushes and combs while freeing up extra space for other essentials.

Basket Storage

    Set a large woven basket next to the sink for instant storage. Stock it with plenty of fresh, fluffy towels to add soft texture to the space.

High Hopes

    Steal this idea from your favorite hotel: install a towel rack above the bathtub or next to a sink so they're easy to grab when needed.

On A Roll

    An unused area beneath a modern sink offers ample space for storage. For a trendy take on traditional storage, roll up towels and place them in wooden magazine racks in the open space.

Get Hooked

    Simple shelves and hooks help organize the bath and keep essentials off the countertops and floors. Easy-to-assemble shelves are available at home centers and hooks are an inexpensive way to hang towels and robes.

Space-Saving Storage

    This simple and portable solution offers storage without taking up much space. Hang a bucket from a decorative hook next to the sink to store toiletries. Choose a pretty pattern or a bold color to give your bathroom a splash of color.

Smart Shelves

    Boost bathroom storage by adding a shelf above the sink -- an especially handy solution if you have a pedestal sink. Choose a shelf with enough space to hold items used daily. This shelf?s style mimics the curvy light fixtures and creates a subtle color contrast with the crisp white space.


    A decorative shelving unit adds personality and storage to a bathroom. Use the unit to display decor items, such as pretty perfume and bath oil bottles, along with the daily necessities.

By the Bath

    Corral your favorite bath soaps, gels, and loofahs in a handy bin right on the tub surround. Having all of your tub items in one place is convenient and frees up storage space in your vanity or medicine cabinet for other items.

New Use for Old Items

    Repurpose household items as clever bathroom storage. Here, a refurbished medicine cabinet offers practicality and character by housing towels and bath necessities. Decorative jars are just right for storing smaller items, such as cotton swabs and cotton balls.

Easy-to-Assemble Etagere

    Assemble a wood etagere in your bathroom to store items on display and close at hand. Dress it up with mirrored shelves and accents, such as glass vases, basins, and tins. Keep towels handy toward the bottom and use a basket to store extras if needed.

Freestanding Furniture

    If space is tight but you need storage, consider a small furniture piece. Balance a freestanding sink with a shelving unit of equal height. Store extra soaps and perfumes in matching storage boxes for a cohesive look. Top the unit with a decorative accent, or use the top as extra counter space.

Sink Storage

    Utilize the available space under a pedestal sink by adding a wicker basket or antique shelf to store items. A wooden step stool or a pretty trash can would make good use of the space, too.

Storage Cubes

    A simple cube storage unit, commonly used in home offices, can be an inexpensive way to add extra storage. Adapt a standard piece to be more bathroom-friendly by adding towel hooks and frosted cabinet doors.

Use Open Spaces

    Slide canvas-lined wicker baskets filled with towels and toiletries under your sink to make good use of the real estate. Put the side of your vanity to good use by installing a small towel bar or hooks for hand towels.

On Hand

    Organize hand towels with this space-savvy method: Roll towels and place them into a woven basket in a drawer or a space close to the vanity to ensure fresh, clean towels are always within reach.

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