Towel Display Ideas

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KBISep03_Four Towels Stacked On Cream Wrought Iron Chair
Vintage Chair

    Any style of vintage chair, bench, or table can make a uniquely interesting towel display shelf.

Bars and Rings

    Towels are traditionally hung on towel bars or rings like the ones shown here. These have a bit of added interest because of their placement over the tub and their same-height arrangement.

Freestanding Shelves

    Give your bath towels a place of honor in a bathroom with these storage and display ideas. First up: create a unique towel display from tiered units designed for either bath or kitchen storage. Ours includes three oval baskets and a bar where there's room for hand towels.

Rolled Perfection

    Give an open shelf a boost of style by rolling towels and stacking them to fill each cubby. This technique can also lend a spa feel to a bath.

On the Shelf

    Open shelves offer lots of handy display space for towels and bath accessories. Keep stacks neat and organized for the most pleasing look.

On a Ladder

    Here's a fun look that's part country, part sophistication: lean a vintage or new log ladder against a wall and use the rungs as towel bars.

Hang Them Up

    Here's a whimsical towel idea for a guestroom. Hang towel sets on clothes hangers suspended from ordinary hooks. Guests can easily carry them to and from their room as needed.

Hooked Up

    A shelf fashioned from white lattice and iron hooks gives this bath a cottage feel.

Double Towel Rack

    Save space by installing a double towel bar like this one. These hold twice the towels in the same wall space as a single bar.

Rolled for Display

    Any bin, basket, or pot can be turned into a stylish towel holder and underscore a bathroom's decorating theme. This whitewashed plant pot blooms with fresh white towels and lends a romantic air to the space.

Coat Racked

    Hanging towels lets you store more of them in a narrow area. This 18-inch chrome hat rack easily accommodates three bath towels and splashes a bit more color over the tub.

Towels as Art

    Outfit decorative shelves with careful displays of accessories, towels, and bath necessities. Consider each item as art and choose ways to show off its best features.

Hotel Shelf

    Hotel towel shelves, like the one shown in the corner of this bathroom, are the perfect way to keep towels at hand, yet out of the way. Stack folded towels on the top and use the bar to hold the set being used.

Within Reach

    Bars installed under an open countertop are a handy place for towels used every day. They also serve to hide less-than-attractive plumbing under the sink.

Bowled Over

    Give your bath a designer look by filling a punchbowl, box, or platter with a set of rolled towels.

Out of Sight

    Window seats, vanities, and cabinets can provide lots of handy towel storage behind closed doors. Organize towels by size or color to get the most from your available space.

On the Bar

    Here's another version of a sink-front towel bar. This one stretches in front of a tile apron, connecting the two base cabinets with a bar of handy storage.

Basket Drawers

    Warm up a space by designing shelves to hold large basket "drawers" for towels and supplies. These can go in a vertical space like the one shown here, or try any open area under a sink or in an unused niche (see the following slide for an example).

More Baskets

    Transform an awkward attic bath into a pretty retreat that accommodates plenty of storage. Three shelves were designed to fit large basket drawers used to hold towels and supplies.

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