22 Bathroom Storage Ideas

Any bath, no matter what its size, can always use more storage. Here are our favorite solutions for 22 all-too-common storage dilemmas.

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behind the door
Use the Back of the Door

    Problem: You've run out of room, but not out of stuff.

    Solution: The bathroom door is full of unused storage space. Paint the door with magnetic paint to create an attractive surface on which to hang towel hooks and metal disks. Install removable bins and towel bars to store extra towels, shampoo, and soap.

Linear Storage

    Problem: You don't have the floor space to add storage units.

    Solution: Without using a lot of wall space, this modern shelf offers ample storage. Oversize baskets maximize the amount of stuff each shelf can hold. For a symmetrical look, top each shelf with identical storage boxes or baskets.

Scale Down for Small Spaces

    Problem: You have only a sliver of extra floor space.

    Solution: Choose small-scale case goods -- such as the eight-drawer roller cart near the vanity here -- for maximum flexibility. Taller pieces offer more cubic inches of storage in limited square footage than shorter ones.

Corner Pocket

    Problem: Bathroom space is tight.

    Solution: Make use of corner space with a tall pot rack. Fill bowls with bathroom supplies and stacks of rolled bath towels for an attractive and functional display.

Out of Sight

    Problem: Your bathroom lacks a medicine cabinet.

    Solution: Steal space wherever you can. The partial wall separating the toilet makes a perfect target. This wall doubles as a medicine cabinet with adjustable glass shelves and a childproof lock. The ledge also serves double duty as a shelf for toiletries stored in small decorative containers.

Bulk Up with Boxes

    Problem: There is no place to put your everyday essentials.

    Solution: Avoid clutter by placing toiletries in nested baskets. Group supplies in each basket for a specific task, person, or time of day. For a more out-of-sight solution, wall-mount small boxes. Purchase fabricated boxes from discount stores, or make your own.

Get the Skinny

    Problem: Hand towels are pilling up by the sink.

    Solution: Store damp hand towels in a skinny pullout section between the sink and dressing table. Similar to storage found in the kitchen, this pullout is fitted with metal bars for extra storage.

Make Adjustments

    Problem: Fitting your toiletries on your shelves is like fitting square pegs into round holes.

    Solution: Adjustable shelves, such as the ones on this commercial stainless-steel organizer, let you customize your storage to fit anything.

Sturdy Hang Up

    Problem: Your shower area doesn't have built-in shelves.

    Solution: Keep necessities near the tub in this kitchen-inspired storage system. Originally designed to hold cooking utensils, this metal rod with hanging accessories now holds shower products.

Into the Wall

    Problem: A wall-hung sink saves space, but doesn't provide storage.

    Solution: Install shallow built-in drawers in the wall. They don't take up valuable floor space and provide room for toiletries. Add a shelf on top for display space.

May I Cut In

    Problem: There is no room for extra cabinetry.

    Solution: Cut openings in a half-wall to add instant tub- or toilet-side storage. Your towels not only have a place to rest, but they also add to the decor.

Soak It Up

    Problem: There is no space to store bath essentials.

    Solution: Put the space around the tub to work. Tilt-out bins with recessed panel doors store towels, bubble bath, bath salts, shampoo, and conditioner. These products stay hidden until it's time to relax.

Warm Up with Wood

    Problem: Your bathroom has no closet.

    Solution: If you have the space, a freestanding cabinet is your best stand-in for a closet. Look for unfinished cabinetry at home centers, or snag a great piece at a yard sale. Consider cabinets intended for other purposes, such as this repainted pie safe.

Find Lost Space

    Problem: You don't have floor space for shelves.

    Solution: Gain storage without losing space by building shelves right into the walls between studs. An unused area above the tub and adjacent to the sink fitted with simple glass shelves offers ample space for towels and accessories.

Shelve Your Problems

    Problem: Your shelving doesn't match your needs.

    Solution: Remove that past-its-prime plastic shelving system and replace it with wood or rubber-coated wire systems. Or take matters into your own hands and build new shelves with 1x12 painted pine boards as shown here.

Show and Stow

    Problem: You lack versatile space.

    Solution: Keep all those hardworking bath essentials hidden yet handy in this cottage-style wall unit. Use display space for colorful and attractive items and stow away the more homely basics.

Try Something Different

    Problem: You find only the same old storage options at all the discount stores and home centers.

    Solution: There are many different ways to store your bathroom stuff if you think creatively. Here, a wood desktop organizer from an office-supply store, painted pale blue to match the walls, tops a freestanding linen cabinet.

Light Up Your Bath

    Problem: Your bath is dark and uninviting.

    Solution: Install a wall sconce inside your linen closet or storage cabinet. Creamy eggshell finish offers a clean, simple background.

Highlight a Niche Display

    Problem: Special keepsakes are put away in boxes.

    Solution: A fluorescent uplight fixture in a display niche or atop a cabinet can provide timeless style and helpful illumination.

Divide and Conquer

    Problem: Small storage spaces lack creative inspiration.

    Solution: A simple, divided plywood box covered in newsprint tells the story of creative storage. Petite jars and boxes make the most of otherwise limited storage areas.

Flex Your Storage

    Problem: You rent, but you still want stylish bathroom storage.

    Solution: Look for TV trays, baskets, wall hooks, collapsible chairs, and lightweight wall containers in discount stores. For a quick punch of style, forget about paint, and rely on vividly colored towels and rugs.

Brighten Your Bath

    Problem: Your bathroom is boring.

    Solution: Here, chrome and clear storage accessories brighten the bathroom. For a fast dash of flash, top a dark countertop with a piece of hammered-aluminum sheet metal, available at home centers. Cut the metal to the size you need, then use flat-nose pliers to fold under 1/2 inch of the metal sheet on all exposed edges.

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