Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Browse this varied collection of gorgeous ideas for your bathroom cabinets to find the right material, style, and quantity for your space.

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bathroom vanity
Oak Cabinets

    Oak cabinets add a warm contrast to the white-and-cream stones that serve as wainscoting on the walls and vanity drawer fronts and cover the floor.

Double Bathroom Vanity

    Contemporary blond custom cabinetry with a subtle grain is veneered with Japanese sen. Rollout drawers faced with resin panels provide additional storage under the cabinets.

Built-In Cabinet

    The built-in cabinet's translucent door panels show off neatly stacked towels, while opaque resin panels conceal other items. These shelves are the perfect mix of openness and privacy.

Storage Armoire

    This structure conveniently organizes towels in pullout drawers, while a mirrored door provides closed bathroom storage.

Intricate Cabinet Doors

    Cabinets surrounding the Victorian-style soaking tub are framed in mahogany with mullions and panels of blond bird's-eye maple.

Stainless-Steel Bathroom Vanity

    The sheen of stainless steel suits the modern style embraced by this bath.

Built-In Bathroom Storage

    The cabinetry's furniture look, with classic overlay doors and drawers, is a casual addition to this cottage-style bath.

Wood Bathroom Cabinetry

    Mahogany cabinetry with custom detailing blends with paneling in a matte furniture finish and conceals volumes of storage options. The cabinet hardware is polished chrome.

Curved Bathroom Vanity

    Bow-front cherry cabinetry and oval sinks define this stunning vanity connected to a makeup area.

High-Style Cabinets

    The quartersawn walnut cabinetry boasts straight edges and right angles, emphasizing the slender silhouettes flanking the sink. The cabinet to the right hides a chute to the laundry room below.

Country French Cabinets

    These custom-glazed cabinets are designed and painted to resemble antique furniture.

White Vanity

    This white structure offers sensible storage and lets the gorgeous stained-glass panel take center stage.

Skirted Cabinet

    Adding fabric skirting softens this white vanity and adds a taste of cottage style.

Distinct Wood Cabinetry

    This gorgeous bathroom vanity features distinct cabinetry that blends two woods: eucalyptus veneer and sapele, or African mahogany.

1940s-Style Vanity

    The sleek curves and classic charm of this furniture-style double vanity embody modern elegance. Inspired by a 1940s dresser, the mahogany structure boasts a bowed front and sleek hardware.

Steel Cabinets

    These custom vanities feature a juxtaposition of textures: Smooth, dark wenge-finish wood countertops on top of sandblasted, rough steel cabinets for an intriguing blend of materials.

Tall Bathroom Storage Unit

    Sanded-glass doors on a tall cabinet by the shower help obscure everyday bath supplies, while open niches above (not shown) show off art and other items with more visual appeal.

Vintage Steel Cabinet

    This vintage steel cabinet came from a supply house that provides period pieces for films. It fits right in with the surrounding décor.

Ash Vanities

    Dark marble countertops and delicate crystal knobs dress these quartersawn ash vanities.

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