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As one of the smallest and most-used rooms of a home, bathrooms need clever storage to keep them tidy. Luckily there are hundreds of solutions to solve your storage problems and you'll find lots of them here. Storage starts with organization, and there are many products on the market to help you get in control. On the other hand, if you're feeling crafty, we give you lots of ideas for repurposing and reinventing wares from other parts of the house. A vintage china hutch painted a bright color might add personality the room is lacking. A leaning bookshelf gives you the opportunity to display pretty bathroom goodies, towels, or a favorite collection. Don't forget to mix up the types of storage in the bathroom. Store extra towels and cleaning supplies behind closed doors, but show off pretty guest soaps or bath salts in decorative glassware. Draw inspiration from the airy and bright bathrooms we've pulled together, and learn from organizational experts who weigh in on some of the best storage solutions. A combination of approaches to storage will give you a bathroom that is both organized and stylish.


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22 Bathroom Storage Ideas

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