Small Bath Solutions

Tight bathroom spaces are often more about function than style. Transform your small bath with a little creativity and a few space-expanding tricks.

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two pedestal sinks with blue walls and tan tile
Framing Success

    Transform plain mirrors into standout features with decorative trim. The limestone tile used elsewhere in this bath gives these mirrors a custom look. You could achieve a similar effect with crown molding in a cottage-style bathroom.


    Is a hall closet measuring just 38x57 inches really large enough for a powder room? It is if you tuck a sink into a drawer. Amazingly, this stainless-steel sink is set into a mosaic of gray glass tiles that slides in and out of the wall. A flexible spa hose attached to standard sink fixtures makes it all possible.

Seeing the Light

    Want to make your bathroom feel bigger without expanding the square footage? Try extending the sight lines so your eye can travel farther through the space. Adding a window at the end of the axis is a simple solution in a tight and narrow space. Likewise, nix heavy shower curtain or cumbersome doors in favor of a simple panel of frosted glass. It provides privacy while letting in maximum light.

Pop-up Art

    A pint-size pine chest-turned-vanity proves it's not size but style that matters when it comes to decorating. The vanity also transforms an awkward corner into the focal point of the colorful bath. A vintage workshop lamp and mosaic-trimmed mirror complete the look.

Modern Redo

    Being stuck with a small bath doesn't mean you have to pass on contemporary styling. Remodel your space using sleek materials, clear glass, and minimal accessories for a bath you'll love.

Clean & Condensed

    A clever use of contrast can add drama to even the tiniest space. Here, an ebony vanity makes a striking statement against creamy neutral walls and accessories. Boxy sconces echo the shape of the vanilla sink and the sheen of the stainless-steel fixtures. The shelves below, which are ideal for displaying towels, smartly incorporate shallow drawers for toiletries and cosmetics.

Full Potential

    Cabinets both below and above the vanity maximize storage. The counter is long enough to accommodate both ample primping space and a tall cabinet. The glass front of the cabinet showcases the bath linens, adding a display element to practicality.

Cleaning Up

    What better way to corral cleaning supplies and dirty laundry than with a few space-savvy storage solutions stolen from the kitchen? An undersink pullout makes bath items easy to access, and a sliding hamper with a removable canvas liner eases laundry chores.

Get it Together

    Similar to those used in kitchen cabinetry, roll-out drawers provide deep storage. The design of the drawer helps corral stray shampoo bottles and bathroom necessities. Mount racks on the inside of cabinet doors or on shelves inside a cabinet. You can find roll-out drawers in the kitchen and bath departments of home improvement stores.

A Sweet Fit

    Furniture with flair is a great way to introduce style and more storage at the same time. This tall, narrow flea market cabinet turns an awkward space between two doors into a pretty linen closet. For a country cottage look, doilies double as the shelf trim.

Lofty Ideas

    An attic is a great place to carve out extra living space, but the trade-off is often awkward angles. This bath smooths out the rough edges with staggered-height cabinetry, a slim pedestal sink, and an attention-grabbing mirror. A crisp monochromatic color scheme keeps the look clean and simple.

Corner on Creativity

    This table vanity outfitted with dramatic stain, a granite countertop, and an apron-front sink is wedged into a small corner. But it manages to squeeze in with style. The vanity is partially open below, offering shelf storage and making the area feel less cramped. A bottom drawer stores items best kept hidden, while the curvy wall-mount faucet saves space and adds panache.

Razzle Dazzle

    Powder rooms are typically small by nature, making them wonderful places to experiment with bold color and glamorous wall treatments. Here, bright pink upholstered walls and a silver ceiling are partnered with crystal chandeliers and a mirrored cabinet to sparkling effect.

Nifty Niches

    Squeeze out valuable storage without the cost of a major remodel by turning wasted space between wall studs into handy shelving units. The unused area above this tub is fitted with simple glass shelves, providing ample room for towels and accessories. Near the sink, a similar space houses small items such as lotions.

Blue Sonata

    Wide stripes of pale blue add interest to the walls in this room, while blue fabrics soften the window and shower. The monochromatic blue color palate is jazzed up with touches of green, gray and white. The smaller pattern on the floor adds visual interest, but isn't overwhelming.

All Afloat

    For a modern look with weightless appeal, pair a raised sink with a tempered-glass counter. A slim storage unit splits the difference between the sinks, offering out-of-sight storage that itself practically disappears.

Typically Narrow

    Expand the look and feel of a narrow bath by removing a space-hogging vanity and replacing it with a pedestal or wall-mounted sink. A quiet color scheme and eye-catching diamond pattern on the wall are a great background for the fern-print shower curtain.

Curtain Call

    For a flirty finish full of cottage charm, switch out under-sink cabinet doors for elegant folds of your favorite floral print. Hide the hanging hardware with a gingerbread-style wooden valance attached directly under the countertop.

Vanity on a Budget

    A Queen Anne sideboard discovered at a secondhand shop for $200 imbues this bath with timeless character that stock cabinetry never could instill. It was retrofitted with a new sink, and two lamps were wired into the base for a functional finishing touch.

Vintage Treasures

    This bath may be tiny in size, but it feels warm and inviting, thanks to a handful of decorative touches. A vintage side table tucked under a window and flanked by cheery red-and-white curtains serves as the room's focal point. The table holds fresh-cut flowers and extra towels, and its peeled-paint finish is perfectly in tune with the antique wire basket above the toilet.

Repaint and Renew

    Many of this room's elements are new -- tile, sconces, and window treatments. But the vanity is actually a makeover of the existing old oak cabinet. Faux painted in a milky distressed wash, each cabinet door was treated to a Tuscan mural before being glazed and distressed further.

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