Footed Bathtub Ideas

Claw-foot bathtubs are not only great for taking a soak -- they're beautiful design elements, too. Browse these photos to find ideas for a footed bathtub style that fits your home.

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bathroom with clawfoot tub
Victorian Claw-foot Tub

    The Victorians were on to something when they came up with footed tubs. A century later, the shapely soakers still intrigue with their fancy footwork.

Romantic White Claw-foot Tub

    Footed tubs may have been a way for the Victorian elite to flaunt their indoor plumbing, but the furniture-like look is well suited to today's baths.

Elegant Black Bathtub

    An elegant freestanding soaking tub perfectly reflects the relaxed style of this bath.

Vintage-Style Bathtub

    An elaborate faucet and hand spray keep the water flowing freely in this vintage-style tub. Behind the scenes, an energy-efficient water heater has enough capacity to fill the deep soaking tub without running cold.

Bathtub by a Bay Window

    The sleek shape of this bathtub reflects the new genre of footed tubs, which are lighter than yesteryear's porcelain and cast-iron heavyweights. An adjacent window bay offers a gorgeous view.

Modern Footed Bathtub

    This modern footed tub is perfectly placed to create a peaceful symmetry. Two sitting chairs overlook the tub, the centerpiece of this bathroom's design.

Beautiful White Bathtub

    Hefty brass feet provide a transition between the earthy, textured slate floor and the pristine porcelain of the tub.

Romantic Freestanding Bathtub

    This soaking tub is bathed in natural light. The sunny setting is intimate, yet still open and airy.

Gorgeous Soaking Tub

    If you want legs to really stand out, go for contrast, such as light-colored claw feet on a black tub or like here, shiny chrome legs set against a white tub exterior.

Victorian-Style Bathtub

    A footed tub, frilly window treatments, and pine flooring combine to create the perfect bathroom for this Victorian Era home.

Updated Claw-foot Tub

    This reproduction claw-foot tub is 18 inches longer than vintage models, making it more comfortable for soaking. The average person is much taller now than they were a century or two ago.

Bathtub with Metal Feet

    Like a well-chosen bracelet, metal feet can finish a tub in style. Set on ball feet and featuring an antique finish that tones down the sparkle, this tub strikes an elegant silhouette.

Bathtub with Oversize Legs

    Oversize leg tops that cradle the corners of the tub burst out in style, ensuring that the feet still star on the monochrome exterior. A little table nearby stores amenities that a modern tub surround might otherwise hold.

Two-Tone Bathtub

    Even in the 1800s, footed tubs stepped beyond porcelain white. On this modern descendant, the rich rusty-brown exterior extends to the feet, streamlining the look.

Angled Claw-foot Tub

    Placed at an angle -- as you might do with a sofa -- this vintage tub breaks up the angular room. The tub was restored and painted to play off the beach-glass blue walls.

Shapely Black Bathtub

    With a sweeping shape, black exterior, and chrome legs, this modern footed tub is a graphic focal point.

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