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Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

Try one of these inspiring design concepts to dress up your bathroom shower tile.

There are as many ways to tile a shower as there are types and colors of tiles. The only must-follow design rules are to select tiles that are waterproof and durable, and to ensure that they are grouted properly. Then, it's time to have fun and stretch your creative imagination. Here are nine of our best ideas for your bathroom shower tile.

Idea: Add an accent tile wall inside the shower.

Think of the kitchen: Many homeowners use the space behind a range for an intricate mosaic tile showpiece. You can do the same in a shower. To keep the space from looking too busy, keep the border and rest of the walls a fairly neutral color. Or, for a more subtle change, mix up the pattern of the tile on one wall—tile laid on the diagonal, for example.

Idea: Change up the size of the bathroom shower tile from the rest of the space.

If you're unsure about mixing and matching materials, you can still add subtle visual contrast by choosing a different size of tile inside the shower. Try a large, square granite tile on the floor, for example, and a smaller rectangular ceramic tile (in the same color) in the shower.


Idea: Vary the tiles inside the shower.

There's no reason to stick with the same tile inside the shower. Use white subway tile to wainscot height, glass mosaic tile above that for an unexpected visual twist, and pebble tile on the floor for a gentle foot massage.

Idea: Use bathroom shower tile patterning to add visual interest.

Go for mosaic glass tiles in a recurring border, or a border of black tiles to divide a white and brown mosaic tile creation, breaking up the wall space.

Idea: Supply contrast with tile in the shower.

Bathroom shower tile can stand as a great counterpoint to other tile in the room. A slender black border in a shower, for example, is a great way to complement a black tile floor.

Idea: Tile the bathroom tile ceiling.

Most of the design and color focus in a bathroom and a shower tends to be the walls and the floor. But the ceiling is another surface that can add texture, color, and pattern by tiling it.

Idea: Add color to niches and benches.

Little shower insets are a natural spot to show off different types or colors of tile in either contrasting or complementary colors.

Idea: Play with tile to complement materials in the rest of the room.

Outside the shower, some baths may not have a lot of tile. The bathroom shower tile is a great opportunity to highlight other colors and materials—for example, ragged-cut slate in the shower to accent a wood-frame tub and plank floors.

Idea: Use grout for contrast.

You can also use grout for unusual color contrast in a shower—dark grout against a white tile, for example.

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