7 Upgrades for a Basic Bath

Boring bath? Make basic even better with these easy and affordable DIY makeover ideas.

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Soothing Color Schemes

The right color palette has the ability to inspire tranquility. Transform your bathroom into a spa-worthy sanctuary with our favorite calming color schemes.

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Walk-In Shower Ideas

Find ideas to create a gorgeous walk-in shower in your bathroom.

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Easy Bathroom Vanity Upgrades

Turn a plain-Jane vanity into a custom creation with a few eye-catching add-ons.

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Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Rough surfaces, natural nuances, and weathered patinas combine with polished finishes and fashionable fittings in these 18 rustic bathrooms that are sure to inspire.

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Black and White Designs

Black and white bathrooms don't have to be boring, and these creative designs are here to prove it. Gain inspiration for your neutral space, no matter the size or style.

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Stunning Walk-In Showers

Find design inspiration in 15 walk-in showers that beautifully stretch a small bathroom's footprint, increase its functionality, and amplify its good looks.

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Shower & Baths

Let us help you find the best shower and tub for your home. Whether you prefer a shower with beautiful tilework visible through modern glass doors or a freestanding, vintage-inspired claw-foot tub where you can soak for hours, we have inspiration for both. Do you have a large bathroom and dream of a two-person shower, or do you simply want to change out the showerhead in your existing shower? No matter your need, we have the inspiration. When choosing a tub for your bathroom, consider all of the options and features, how often the bath will be used, and what size of tub will fit in the bathroom before you place the order. Then, find the tub made out of the best material for your needs and budget: enameled steel, enameled cast iron, and acrylic are all popular choices. Need help finding a professional to install it? We can help you find a plumber, too.

Absolutely Stunning Walk-In Showers for Small Baths

Find design inspiration in 15 walk-in showers that beautifully stretch a small...

Walk-In Shower Ideas

Find ideas to create a gorgeous walk-in shower in your bathroom.

Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Find ideas to create a gorgeous shower area in your bath.

Bathtub Design Ideas

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Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas

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Buying a Tub

When buying a bathtub, many factors affect the price tag. Before purchasing a...

Two-Person Shower Rooms

Find design ideas for large shower areas with multiple showerheads.

Built-in Bathroom Bathtub Ideas

Find ideas for creating a built-in bathtub retreat.

Shower Head Styles

Which type of shower head do you need? Learn about wall-mount, top-mount,...

Tub/Shower Combos

One-piece tub and shower units are affordable, sturdy, and easy to install....

Plan the Perfect Tub for Your Bathroom

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Glass Showers

Love the modern look of a see-through glass shower? Before deciding if glass i...

Walk-In Shower Guide

Whether you like it for its form, function, or both, a walk-in shower may be a...

Footed Bathtub Ideas

Claw-foot bathtubs are not only great for taking a soak -- they're beautiful...

Shower Remodeling Tips

Efficient, relaxing, or both: comfortable bathroom showers have benefits for...

Replacing a Bathtub

If it's time to replace a bathtub, follow these tips for choosing a replacemen...


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