How to Stretch a Small Bathroom Budget

Renovating a bathroom can be expensive. If you're trying to remodel on a shoestring budget, here are our tips for getting maximum style with minimum spending.

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  • Find Extra Storage

    Moving walls is a real budget buster. Instead, try utilizing found space. For example, recess shelves into the area between wall studs to create vertical storage that doesn't eat up floor space.

  • Bounce Light with Mirrors

    Adding a window or skylight can add big dollars to a remodeling project. If your bathroom lacks light, fool the eyes by adding reflection with mirrors. A mirror (or grouping of mirros) is an affordable way to add personality and space-reflecting sparkle above a vanity.

  • Add Style with Simple Tile

    Hate the look of a prefab shower surround, but lack pockets deep enough for fancy custom tile? Glazed subway tiles cost only a few dollars per square foot and create a timeless look.

  • Stick to Traditional Finishes

    A surefire way to waste money on a bathroom remodel is to fill it with fads that won't last. Make your investment last for years by sticking to neutral colors and natural finishes. These tried-and-true classics are typically less expensive than their trendy counterparts, and are more likely to stand the test of time.

  • Transform a Dresser into a Vanity

    Instead of spending big bucks on a furniture-style vanity, get the look for less by converting an old dresser or console table. This can-do DIY project is an easy way to save money -- and the environment.

  • Small Dose of Designer Tile

    Give your bathroom a high-end look without the high-end price tag by splurging on items that give the biggest bang for your buck. Here, just a few rows of pricey designer accent tiles deliver a big punch of color and character.

  • Add on Extra Storage

    Cabinetry is expensive, but don’t skimp on quality in a bathroom where the wet environment can quickly damage cheap particleboard vanities. To save money, choose one well-made vanity with hidden storage, and then add more storage to the walls with inexpensive open shelves. 

  • Refinish an Outdated Tub

    Old bathtubs can be hard to clean, and heavy and expensive to remove. Try refinishing an old tub to bring it up-to-date and make it last for many more years. The process is done by professionals and the tub will be ready to use in a day or two, which is much shorter than a bathroom gut job would take.

  • Go Bold with Wallpaper

    Floor-to-ceiling tile may look luxurious, but it also comes with a sizable price tag. Save money without sacrificing style by using a boldly patterned wallpaper to add personality to your bathroom walls. Avoid peeling and other problems by choosing a water-resistant paper made especially for a bathroom.

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    Colorful Shower Curtain

    If your budget can’t support a $2,000 custom glass shower door, don’t fret. Many top designers include shower curtains in their home collections, so there are now more beautiful choices than ever. For less than $100, you can buy a curtain that looks like a piece of art and that can serve as the star of your bathroom design.

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