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Browse hundreds of decorating photos and discover fresh ideas for your home. From kitchens to bedrooms, living rooms to bathrooms, you'll find inspiration for every room in your home. Find ideas by style, from traditional to modern, cottage to eclectic.

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Personalize a Pillow

Put your personalized stamp on a plain pillow with this easy monogramming technique starring paint.

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Weekend Projects

Give your home unbeatable character in just one weekend. These home projects offer quick, impactful solutions to fill your indoor and outdoor spaces with style and function. Whether you seek easy landscaping plans, curb appeal projects, or budget decorating ideas, these hand-picked updates are designed to bring out your inner weekend warrior.

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Top Flea Markets

Put on your walking shoes and stop in at America's premier marketplaces -- you'll find country primitives, midcentury modern furniture, vintage fashions, upcycled treasures, and more. Here are a few insider tips for wending your way through each market.

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Deck Decorating & Styling Tricks

Make your deck as comfortable and stylish as an indoor living room. These tricks show you how.

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Eco-Friendly Toilet Picks

Check out our favorite environmentally efficient and stylish toilets. Manufacturer information included.


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    • Tankless Toilet

      A cutting-edge flushing system means no waiting for the toilet to refill with this low-water-consumption one-piece unit.

      Neorest 600
      Toto USA
      888/295-8134; totoneorest.com

    • Smart and Stylish Toilet

      Dual-flush technology brings water conservation to a new level by allowing water usage to be determined with each flush.

      Kohler Co.
      800/456-4537; kohler.com

    • Dual-Flush Toilet

      This stylish dual-flush toilet is both a conservation tool and a conversation piece. It allows you to select the level of water needed for each flush -- the usual low-flow 1.6 gallons or a water-saving .9 gallons, and it bears the WaterSense label.

      Aquia Dual-Flush Toilet
      $435 to $652
      Toto USA
      888/295-8134; totousa.com

    • High-Efficiency Toilet

      This high-efficiency, high-performance toilet exceeds all industry performance standards and saves 20 percent more water than a standard 1.6 gallon-flush toilet, so it also earns the respected "Water Sense" certificate.

      800/288-4002; jacuzzi.com

    • Toilet with Pressurized Air Flushing

      This award-winning design uses High Efficiency Toilet (HET) technology that conserves the amount of water required per flush. It pressurizes air inside the toilet tank, which forces water into, then out of, the bowl.

      Ultra Flush HET
      630/754-0278; gerberonline.com

    • Water-Conserving Toilet

      This dual-flush toilet can save consumers from 2,500 to 15,000 gallons of water annually. And its concealed trapway is easy to clean.

      Evergreen 12 Dual-Flush HET
      $435 to $465
      VitrA USA
      877/65-VitrA; vitra-usa.com

    • Dual-Flush Toilet

      Dual-flush technology offers .8- and 1.6-gallon flush options for extraordinary water conservation -- between 6,000 and 25,000 gallons less than traditional flush toilets.

    • Comfort-Height Toilet

      This Comfort Height toilet offers the industry's most powerful residential flush in a low-profile tank. This one-piece toilet is available in a palette of colors and features a Twin Touch flush actuator that allows the user to choose a lower-volume flush for liquid waste.

      San Raphael
      From $1,016
      800/456-4537; kohler.com

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