Bathroom Remodeling Q&A: Choosing Glass Blocks

Tips for replacing a window with glass blocks -- and alternatives to consider.

Q: Our bathtub area has a window with a wooden frame, but it's just not practical because of the moisture. Can I remove the window and install glass blocks?

A: Glass blocks are a possible solution, but your main problem is the wooden window frame. A standard vinyl frame that doesn't absorb water will work better in a bathtub area. Glass blocks will also handle moisture well and offer extra privacy, but they can be expensive and must be mortared into place by a mason.

Acrylic block windows provide the look of glass blocks but are easier to install and less expensive. They come assembled in a frame to fit the opening and are comparable in price to many regular glass windows.

Keep in mind that if the window is made inoperable, you may need to upgrade your bathroom fan to provide proper ventilation.

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