Design a Child-Safe Bath

Protect your child against potential dangers in the bathroom with these guidelines.

  • Avoid slippery, high-gloss flooring finishes. Instead, choose a nonslip floor such as ceramic tile with a matte finish.
  • Keep washcloths and toys tubside so you won't be tempted to leave your child unattended in the bath.
  • Provide a cushion around the tub spout, as well as edge and corner cushions on cabinets, to prevent cuts and bruises.
  • Install childproof locks on all cabinets. Even the toilet lid should have a latch.
  • Use only nonbreakable drinking tumblers in a bathroom. Store them where kids can reach them easily.
  • Add slip-resistant strips in front of the sink and tub. Anchor area rugs with nonslip pads or double-faced carpet tape.
  • Block all electrical outlets with safety covers or plugs. The outlets, as in all baths, should be ground fault circuit interrupter outlets.
  • Make sure grab bars inside the bathtub and shower stall are low enough for children to use.
  • Choose faucets and handles that are easy to use and have rounded edges.
  • Locate towel bars or rings 6 inches or less from entrances to a tub or shower so children don't have to reach too far for them.
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