Bath Makeovers Under $2,000

A bathroom makeover doesn't have to bust your budget. For ideas and inspiration, check out these four gorgeous bathroom remodeling projects that are easy on your wallet.

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Sink and Shelves
Upscale Look Without the Upscale Cost

    The sole bath in a 1950s ranch goes upscale and modern using a warm, neutral palette; angular shelves; gleaming surfaces; and $1,650.

Budget Shelves

    Floating wood shelves hang behind a deeper and narrower unit, purchased separately, that has glass shelves.

New Vanity and Sink

    A clean-lined, square vanity and surface-mounted bowl sink carry a warm, brown hue across different materials for a cohesive look.

New Look, Same Footprint

    The bathroom's original 1950s layout uses the shower wall to hide the toilet from view upon entry.

Bathtub Update on a Budget

    Resurfacing the square tub's porcelain from fleshy pink to white proved a cost-savvy update and preserved a versatile design.

Texture Transformations

    The raw salvage edge on this valance looks like fringe and offers a ready-made border that picks up on the rich texture of grass cloth on the walls.

Bathroom 1 Budget Breakdown

    Fixtures: bathtub refinishing $175; vessel sink $150; sink faucet $150; sink cabinet base $300

    Hardware and lighting: recessed ceiling lights $120; mirror $125

    Walls: wallcovering: $270; tile $85; shelving unit $200; floating shelves $75

    Total: $1,650

Add Details on a Budget

    In this transformed bath, color on the walls and in accessories brighten the space, tile and hardware upgrades add style, and storage expands with the addition of a few simple items--all for $1,476.

Shower Updates

    A tiled shower, new faucet, and new shower fixture are high-impact upgrades. A curved shower curtain rod makes the shower space feel roomier.

Color that Transforms

    Crisp white trim sparkles against soft green walls. Multiple shades of green give the bath a colorful custom look.

Storage on the Cheap

    Deep baskets provide storage without the expense of built-ins or furniture.

Bathroom 2 Budget Breakdown

    Color: paint $90; towels $84; bath mat $58; shower curtain $97

    Hardware and lighting: curved shower rod $40; mirror $15; light fixtures $80; towel ring $18

    Shower enclosure: tile $172; bathtub $491; fixtures $216

    Storage: basket $20; towel stand $95

    Total: $1,476

Bright Bath Makeover

    In just two weeks and for less than $1,600, this master bath in a 165-year-old upstate New York home went from dark and drab to sunny and inviting.

Tile Tub Deck

    White marble replaced black-and-white tile on the tub deck. At $375, the marble tile was the biggest budget item for the master bath makeover.

Budget Sink

    A new sink--a home center find for $150--left room in the budget for a $200 vintage-style faucet.

Small Changes, Big Impact

    Crown molding draws attention to the bath's 9-foot ceiling. The vintage farm ladder, which came from a barn, was painted black to match the chandelier above the tub.

Traditional White

    Pine beaded board on the cabinetry and wainscoting was painted white to brighten the space and give it a more traditional appearance. Jars on the shelves hold bath salts and soaps.

Color Updates

    A new white shower curtain continues the pristine theme. Blue accents add touches of fresh color.

Custom Touches

    Framing the mirror and topping it with crown molding integrates it with the new white vanity cabinet. The prefinished cherry floor adds warmth and natural color without adding a lot--just $300--to the budget.

Inexpensive Remodeling Ideas

    The homeowners saved money by using premade beaded board that they bought in sheets and cut to fit. They used inexpensive molding as trim, then strategically placed towel bars so hanging towels conceal some seams.

Colorful Bath Remodel

    For $1,635, this bathroom received a refreshing and eclectic makeover inspired by a candy-color tile and both old-world and 21st-century details.

Decorative Storage Solution

    Touches of black ground the room and give the seafoam color more weight. In addition to providing practical storage, the new shelf displays some of the decorative knobs the homeowner collects.

Custom Look at Low Cost

    Adding color with patterned paper or fabric and new hardware to stock items, such as this storage shelf, is an inexpensive way to give your bathroom personality.

Personalized Touch

    Hand-drawn designs add a creative and whimsical touch to the room. White picture frames add visual interest to the painted leafy bough.

Bathroom 2 Budget Breakdown

    Cabinets, lighting, mirror: base cabinet $310; fixture over mirror $50; mirror $45; wall cabinet $40

    Plumbing and fixtures: sink, countertop $125; sink faucet $50; toilet $80; plumbing for shower $260

    Surfaces: accent tile, mosaic tile $90; beaded board, molding $150; field tile surrounding tub $110; hexagon tile on floor $250; paint $40

    Miscellaneous: hardware $15; shower curtain $20

    Total: $1,635

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