Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

Bathroom window treatments vary in style, color, pattern, and material. Find one that fits your bathroom with these ideas.

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bathroom with clawfoot tub
Sheer Window Curtains

    Make your bathroom shine with sheer curtains that travel halfway up the window. The low placement of the curtain allows sunlight to radiate through the bathroom while still creating privacy when soaking in the tub. Bring the window treatment together with a top curtain that adds a classy touch to the elegant room.

Roman Window Shades

    Make your bathroom beautiful with a window treatment with artistic flair, sporting hues similar to those on the walls and countertops. The linen toile fabric in the Roman shade matches the tones found throughout the rest of this bathroom and the creamy hues of the bathroom mesh perfectly with the color of the window shades. The flowery pattern adds texture and beauty to the traditional bathroom.

Window Treatments for the Shower

    Make your shower into your own personal retreat with the use of a simple window treatment. Here, a durable Roman shade made of weather-resistant fabric provides privacy and unexpected softness in the shower. The striped pattern works well with the tiled walls, with the colors blending with one another to bring the look together. Adorning the shower with a window treatment also leaves space for a handy ledge.

Tasseled Window Treatment

    A plaid valance adds softness to the sunlight that filters through the bathroom window. Create a similar country French appeal in your bathroom, using a tasseled window treatment with colors found throughout the rest of the bath. This window treatment is perfect for an Old World style bathroom that retains a modern touch.

Woven Window Shades

    Add style and privacy to your bathroom with the use of woven window shades. The shades in this bathroom create the perfect addition to the mosaic tub, with the colors accenting one another to add to the earthy atmosphere. Woven window shades allow bathers to control the degree of light and privacy, and they give the bath a finished look.

Romantic Window Treatment

    For an elegant look in your bathroom, long and flowing window draperies can add a dramatic touch. The lightly colored draperies in this bathroom match the light tones of the walls to bring continuity to the room and set a romantic stage. Create the look by finding a hue that will work well with the tones found in your bathroom, and fabric that lightly brushes the floor rather than ending at the bottom of the window.

Silk Shades

    Make your bathroom a luxurious retreat with a silk shade window treatment. The golden hues of this shade work perfectly in the feminine bathroom adorned with gold-colored walls and soft lighting. Hang the valance from the ceiling rather than the top of the window to ensure that the beauty of the silky shade can be enjoyed by all who enter the elegant bath.

Simple, Sheer Curtains

    Sheer curtains can add a graceful touch to an otherwise earthy bathroom. The light curtains add that softness to this bath make the area more inviting. For your rugged bathroom, make use of sheer window curtains to offset the darker tones found throughout the remainder of the area. They offer added privacy while still allowing sunlight to brighten the room.

Simple Window Treatment

    A simple sheer window treatment can be the perfect finishing touch to an elegant bathroom. Placing the valance at the midpoint of the window creates a unique look while enabling both privacy and light while soaking in the tub. To add shine to your bathroom, leave the top half of the window free from curtains, so sunlight can dance around the light colors in the bath. A simple window treatment adds beauty and grace while allowing the beautiful view to remain the focal point of the window.

Double Shades for Practicality and Elegance

    Pairing style with sensibility can create a beautiful window treatment that is perfect for your bathroom. Silk window treatments exude softness, and the swag and stationary shade accentuates the shape of the space. Another shade pulls down when greater privacy is desired. The stationary shade augments the vaulted ceiling, while the pull-down shade adds a practical element to the window treatment. The two-toned shades bring out the light pattern on the walls, and fit in perfectly with the color scheme of the bathroom.

Pairing Top Treatments with Shades

    Sheer shades coupled with a simple top treatment can create the perfect frame to the great outdoors. While the light shades allow for privacy, light can still seep through the sheer fabric, bathing the room in sunlight. A top treatment provides the finishing touch. The simple striped pattern on this top treatment is the perfect accent for the flowery walls, while the soft tones mesh beautifully with the creamy bath and ornate walls.

Stylish Window Treatment

    Create a romantic look in your bathroom by hanging curtains that barely graze the floor. This sheer window treatment is simple yet stylish, and gives the illusion that the window extends all the way down to the floor. The sheer fabric works well with the ivory tones found throughout the room and allows for sunlight to filter through the window treatment.

Symmetrical Window Treatments

    Matching window treatments flanking the vanity in this bathroom add a graceful touch. Create a similar look in your bathroom by pulling the curtains out on each side to look as if they are framing the mirror. Here, the sheer fabric allows light to enter the room and creates a finished look, showing how a light color adds gracefulness to a room.

Window Treatment Ideas for an Arched Window

    For an arched window, letting the top remain open is key. Here, the valance lies just below the arched top, enabling the beautiful window to add its own grace to the bathroom. The window treatment below exudes a quiet elegance, with the sheer curtains allowing for both sunlight and privacy. Create a similar look for your arched window by using curtains that hang below the arched top.

Picture Frames Add Privacy

    Add a personal touch to your bathroom through the use of picture frames. For privacy, add fabric to the back of the frame. Using a sheer fabric allows more light to filter through, while a darker fabric would allow for additional privacy. Hanging the frames with drawer pulls and ribbon makes it easy to adjust where they hang. For an individual look in your bathroom, use two of your favorite mismatching frames. Different sizes and styles can be used to match the decor of your bathroom.

Pull-Down Shades

    Pull-down shades can create the perfect finishing touch in many bathrooms. Here, the window shade blends beautifully with the creamy tones found on the walls and tub. Find a hue that meshes with the tones of the walls and countertops found in your bathroom, for a shade that can be easily raised or lowered.

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