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Bathroom Wall Decor

Make your hardworking bathroom as pretty as it is practical with creative decorating accents for bathroom walls. It's easy to punch up the color and style in a bathroom while maintaining its functionality.


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    • Inject Playfulness

      Have fun with bathroom wall decor. Vintage posters and advertisements tied to the theme or style of your bathroom are a laid-back way to wake up bathroom walls. This watercolor-style travel advertisement supports the bathroom's existing oceanic theme, and its vibrant colors pop against white walls.

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    • Look to Picture Ledges

      Line bathroom walls with picture ledges to house trinkets, framed postcards, and handmade artwork. Stick with items that are similar in size or hue, and group things in odd numbers, a setup that is naturally more appealing to the eye than even-number groupings.

    • Pump Up the Pattern

      Play the pattern card in the bathroom with pretty wall decals. These affordable gems are easy to install and come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Some are removable, making the design commitment low and changing the look even easier. Hang small decals in a group to fill a large expanse of wall. Create a customized pattern by arranging decals in groups to suit the angles and shapes of the walls.

    • Play with Scale

      Don't be afraid to go big with bathroom wall decor. An oversize flea market find or extra-large piece of artwork can help balance bare walls while minimizing clutter. This large metal star shines thanks to a patinaed coat of paint that complements a sky blue wall color.

    • Repeat a Pattern

      Make a statement with multiples of a single item. On this bathroom wall, a series of green glassware pieces becomes the focal point. The natural hue picks up the sandy tones found throughout the room.

    • Stylish Small Bath Decorating Ideas

      Transform your small bathroom from drab to fab with these favorite decorating ideas.

    • Blanket a Wall

      For bathroom wall decor with more permanence, create a tile accent. Go contemporary with oversize tiles in a rich color. These 4x19-inch tiles are aligned to create a crisp grid. The simplicity of the pattern is part of its charm. Offset the linear look with a few curves, such as an oval mirror or cylindrical sconces. If you'd rather not cover an entire wall with tile, design a tile wainscoting or accent band around the room or along a single wall.

    • Make a Mantra

      Make mornings memorable with quick-to-assemble framed inspirational quotes. These black-and-white accents cost only a few dollars; simply print and showcase in a stock frame. Hang them near your bathroom mirror for a daily boost of confidence.

    • Reflect Style

      Go bold with a mirror frame that's artwork on its own. Replace an existing mirror with a more decorative one, like this driftwood-inspired design, or frame the mirror you already have with painted trimwork. Look beyond standard bathroom styles to mirrors designed for living spaces. If you find a frame you love, buy unframed mirror glass to mount inside it. Finish your vanity-wall vignette with sconces hung on each side of or above the mirror.

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      Create Tile Art

      Get creative with orientation and use small tiles for a one-of-a-kind look. Here, subway tiles were laid in a brick pattern vertically rather than horizontally. Rows of square tiles act as stripes spaced between the rows. For a splurge, a feature mosaic of teardrop-shape tiles creates a focal point above the tub. The curved shapes and serene colors also provide the eyes a resting point amid a sea of angular tiles.

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      Create a Canvas

      Perfect your bathroom wall decor with DIY abstract artwork made from plain stretched canvas. Incorporate three or four shades of a single hue in a seemingly random pattern or design for a contemporary look. And don't be afraid of drips!

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      Look to Nature

      Bring a little of the outdoors inside with botanical prints. Create your own by scanning leaves, then print the images on standard 8.5x11 paper or have them enlarged. Put the prints in standard-size frames and display them in a group.

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      Curate Shelves

      Skip the department store. Instead, add a little sizzle to your bathroom shelves with supplies from the crafts store. Spray-paint an unfinished wood letter in black before covering the edges with golden glitter washi tape. Use the same tape to make a chevron or geometric design, then dress it up with a white mat and frame.

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      Infuse Color

      For a soothing bathroom with a pop of color, artwork can add just the right amount of zing. Consider a piece that reflects the colors already in the bathroom but has hints of a contrasting hue. Bathrooms are humid places; choose artwork that won't be damaged by moisture. Once you find the right piece, repeat the contrasting color at least one time within the room. Here, the coral from the painting appears on the small ottoman.

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      Highlight Angles

      Use awkwardly angled bathroom walls to your advantage as prime real estate for wall art. Arrange a series of prints or canvases vertically on a narrow angled wall. Tiny wall spaces in bathrooms are ideal for groupings of small art pieces. Vertical presentation can also draw the eye upward, creating a sensation of spaciousness within tight quarters.

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