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Bathroom Countertop Ideas

From concrete to travertine and the lovely materials in between, one of these bathroom countertops are sure to inspire a bathroom remodel.


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    • Marble Countertop

      Rich shades of brown, sage and black contrast with the white veining in this marble countertop resting on a stained mahogany vanity. Warmer tones in the stone and the dark wood used on the vanity and framed mirror create a cohesive look, while the crisp white walls and sink tie in with the flecks of white in the marble.

    • Concrete Countertop

      For a durable material with a modern look and green appeal, consider concrete. Strong geometric lines softened by a soothing color contribute to this vanity's spa-like atmosphere. Recycled tea-green glass tile set in the countertop adds a subtle touch of elegance to complement the frosted-glass vessel sinks.

    • Kasota Stone Countertop

      The hues of the Kasota stone countertop and Douglas fir drawers on this custom vanity bring warmth to the industrial space. Organic curves on the white vessel sinks add a subtle contrast to the countertop's defined geometric tone.

    • Cast-Concrete Countertop

      Serene white walls and cabinetry let the stained cast-concrete countertops serve as the focal point of this modern double vanity. With the material extending up the wall as a backsplash, the countertop's square shapes echo the custom cabinetry and mosaic tile underfoot. To tie in with the concrete's natural color, the wall-mount faucet and circle-shaped mirrors give a softer touch to the masculine space.

    • Tiled Bathroom Countertop

      Give your sink area a splash of color by covering the countertop with diamond-shape tiles. Combining different tiles creates an eclectic look that's unified through similar colors, such as matching the slate-color sink to the tile that wraps around the edge of the vanity.

    • Corian Countertop

      Corian tops this custom cherry wood corner vanity and blends with the tile underfoot. From the drawers' chrome pulls to the glass-front cabinetry, the understated elegance of this space is in the materials; the choice of travertine adds an instant luxe factor to the space.

    • Cherry Wood Countertop

      After applying a water-resistant finish, the cherry wood counters are protected from splashes it may endure from the sink. The oval sink's shape is echoed in the countertop's curve and in the bow-front cabinetry below.

    • Travertine Tile

      A custom sink lined with mosaic-tile and pebble accents creates an elegant look without being flashy. The ring around the sink matches the tile used as the countertop edge, and the light shade used on the countertop blends nicely with the white paneling on the sides.

    • Marble Masterpiece

      To accommodate wall-mounted faucets, artfully carved marble matching the vanity countertop crawls up the wall and serves as a backsplash. Even though the dark maroon, black and white marble may be suitable for all decor, the Old World ambiance in this bath suits the material perfectly, especially as it rests on an antique chest of drawers converted to work as a modern-day vanity.

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      Mosaic Tile Countertop

      For a pop of color against plain maple cabinetry, these homeowners added a new material to the existing mix of concrete sinks and mirrored-glass walls: mosaic-tile countertops. The mix of colors with the black pieces plays well with the black tile backsplash and adds needed texture to the otherwise flat space.

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      Wood Countertop

      Handmade pottery sinks with vintage-style brushed nickel faucets sit in a furniture-style wood counter with a waterproof, high-gloss finish that wipes clean for easy care.

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      Sea Green Kirkstone Countertops

      Green slate and sea green kirkstone provide a deep, natural tone to the bath. The curving wall behind the floating mirrors functions as a backsplash and as a sculptural element. As the countertop hugs the curve of the wall, the subtle color difference between the materials creates a practically seamless transition between the two.

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      Glass Countertop

      Make a small bathroom feel big with glass surfaces. A curved plate-glass countertop joins two spun-glass vessel sinks to form a chic, see-through vanity. Unobstructed views of the floor create a greater sense of openness, and mounting the countertop to the wall leaves space below the counter uninterrupted, with the exception of necessary plumbing.

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      Limestone Countertop

      For understated elegance and increased privacy, a half-wall constructed from limestone rises up between the sink and a soaking tub without interrupting the natural light that pours into the space. A limestone countertop with carved-out sinks extends into the space for a minimalist look.

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      Island Countertop

      Stainless steel dual sinks free-float beside an island of tile that serves as a perfect resting spot for bar soap and fresh flowers. Dark blue tile climbs up from the floor to cover the island countertop, except for the drawers, whose warmer wood hues soften this bold primary color.

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      Terrazzo Countertop

      Mid-century modern design plays the perfect host to terrazzo atop this dark stained vanity. Black flecks in the countertop complement the wood while the lighter tones unify with the white walls. As a crowning touch to this stunning countertop material, a high-arc curved faucet embraces both artistic and functional qualities.

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      Pale Gray Marble Countertop

      When luxury is a must and price is no option, opt for marble. This pedestal vanity, constructed from pale gray marble, continues up into the wall for a low backsplash. The cloudlike color scheme of whites and grays creates a relaxing yet elegant ambiance that starts with the countertop.

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      Curved Black Granite Countertop

      Go high-drama with black granite; the material complements the bath's gray-and-tan slate floor, which also plays well with warm color of the wood vanity.

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      Tiled Countertop

      A long vanity counter flanked by glass-front cabinet columns perfectly blends beauty and utility. Tile used around the bath also graces the vanity countertop to create a sense of cohesion. It also extends up the wall for a short backsplash.

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