Our Best Bathroom Cabinet Ideas

Cabinetry is one of the most important elements in your bathroom, so choose wisely. Find quality design, style, storage, and color ideas for your bathroom cabinets.

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    Formal Without the Fuss

    A balanced arrangement of sconces and cabinetry is graceful and elegant, formal but not fussy. The carved base, or skirt, masking the toekick on this bathroom vanity gives the appearance of furniture. The built-in vanity allows easy access to plumbing plus bountiful storage. The central storage unit features an arrangement of shallow and deep drawers to hold toiletries of all sizes.

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    Warm Minimalism

    Minimalism may not work well for people with a lot of bath accessories, but it's clean and serene, and with the right materials, it can also be warm. This bathroom is all about texture. A marble floor pairs with warm walls, a sleek tub, and bright open windows. The floating vanity features stacked, flat-front wooden drawers. Its wood grain and centered knobs make a decorative statement. Floating the drawers above the floor visually expands the space.

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    Rounded Edges

    This bathroom cabinet breaks all the traditional rules of geometry. A rounded sink pairs with teadrop-pattern wallpaper and a square mirror. The minimalist vanity creates a moment of calm in a room full of color. A set of sconces adds balance to the eclectic space.

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    Super Storage

    This double vanity speaks to the couple with too much stuff. The key is to use every available space -- including the walls, under the sink, and inside cabinetry. A towel rod mounted to the front of each cabinet holds hand towels, while hooks and suction-cup holsters gather makeup brushes and hair dryers. A collection of wicker baskets holds cleaning supplies and other bulky items on open shelving beneath.

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    Best Small Vanity Ideas

    Storage and style are must-haves in a small bath. Discover how to get both with these small vanity ideas.

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    Blue and White

    Bold pattern matches this room's bold architecture. The same navy-and-white floral print outfits the wallpaper, curtains, and ottoman. A deep-blue vanity and bathtub break up the space, while a French-style chair and chandelier add sophistication. Heavy doses of white and beige on the floor and ceiling keep the color scheme from overwhelming.

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    Urban Chic

    Inspired by the idea of converting an old dresser into a bathroom vanity, this lavatory combines an integrated sink with stacks of drawers that recall metal office desks. The result is a sophisticated, urban look. Large mirrors stand out against wooden wall panels, while a glass wall separates the walk-in shower. The combination of natural and industrial materials in a warm neutral palette makes this bathroom an exciting and inviting blend of creative recycling and high-style design.

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    Rustic Edge

    A rustic vanity fits right in with this bathroom's stone walls and vessel sink. Small details, like the cabinetry's cup pulls, give the vanity character. This retro revival pairs perfectly with stone walls and flooring. The moody elegance is enhanced further by minimal lighting and dark bathroom accessories.

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    Contemporary Elegance

    Contemporary no longer means cold. Flat-panel door and drawer fronts and sleek brushed-nickel handles and pulls define this bathroom cabinetry as contemporary, but the traditional wood finish and light granite countertop add comforting warmth. Undermount sinks reinforce the contemporary look without interrupting the smooth plane of the countertop.

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    Midcentury-Modern Appeal

    Furniture design after World War II sought to apply a new aesthetic -- geometric shapes, clean lines, and flat surfaces stripped of ornament -- to industrial materials such as metals, plywood, and laminate. The results ranged from fun and funky to restrained and elegant. This bathroom cabinetry occupies the elegant end of the spectrum, with brushed-metal pulls and shiplap cabinets. Countertops, walls, and flooring in shades of light gray, putty, and white play up the dark cabinetry as the focal point.

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    Country Revival

    The peeling-paint look brings authentic age and a sense of history to new homes. Bring warm country style into your bathroom with salvaged painted furniture. Here, a sturdy dresser fitted with a sink and plumbing serves as a vanity. Outfitting your bathroom with recycled and repurposed components makes sense environmentally and allows you to create a look uniquely yours.

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    Quick and Easy Vanity Upgrades

    Boost the style of your bathroom's cabinetry with these eye-catching add-ons.

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    Black and White

    Mixing black cabinets and white countertops is a no-fail formula for creating a bathroom that feels familiar yet fresh. This room's cabinets, with sleek, modern lines, hold a surprising amount of supplies. White granite countertops with natural flecks of gray prevent the color contrast from looking too stark. Fresh florals add a cheery pop of color.

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    Custom Crafted

    Industrial materials bring a surprisingly tactile quality to this bathroom, complementing the natural texture and color of the slate walls. Minimalist cabinets finished in stainless steel match monochromatic mirrors and metal details. The gravity-defying installation elevates the cabinetry to the level of art objects.

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    Asian Inspiration

    A love of Asian art guided the design of this remodeled bathroom, which features pops of red, geometric cabinetry, and a rounded mirror. Blue shower tiles balance the loudness of the red cabinet, while neutral walls and floors keep the colors from overpowering the space. Abstract art over the toilet ties the bathroom color scheme together.

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    Open and Shut

    As in the kitchen, a mix of open and closed storage in the bathroom provides more display options. Drawers offer accessible storage for toiletries and medicines, while cleaning supplies are best stashed out of sight under the sink. Open cubbies put towels in easy reach and make a decorative asset of their fluffy textures and clean colors.

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    French Impression

    This traditional, desk-inspired cabinetry acquires a French accent with the addition of curvaceous hardware. The bathtub sports a decorative engraving inspired by ornately carved 19th-century closet doors. A sleek chandelier and camel-back chair add comfort, while the slate floor keeps the room from being too stuffy. 

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    The Unfitted Bath

    A bath outfitted with individual pieces of furniture rather than built-in cabinetry avoids a cookie-cutter look and stakes a claim to individuality. In this spacious bathroom, a repurposed dresser painted red stores toiletries, linens, and extra supplies. A freestanding stool sits beneath classic-car paintings for seating. Furnishing the bathroom lifts the space above its utilitarian function.

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    Modern Glamour

    Sleek, dark-stained bathroom cabinetry raised on hairpin legs adds Hollywood glamour to contemporary style. A dressing table with a slim line of drawers connects for added storage. With modern-style cabinetry, beauty comes from the grain and finish of the wood and the relationships between functional parts -- drawers, doors, pulls, and handles -- rather than from carving, paneling, or applied ornament. White tiling in a variety of textures keeps the room fresh.

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    Pop of Color

    Bright, bold colors star in this bathroom space. Orange geometric hallway wallpaper frames the room's deep red floor, coral cabinets, and ocean-blue wallpaper. This eclectic style breaks traditional design rules but still works thanks to a complementary mix of warm and cool colors. A white door gives the eye a break. Gilded hardware and a sunburst mirror add a touch of glam.

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    Transitional Style

    A combination of recessed flat-panel doors, which convey traditional style, and slab or flat-panel drawers, which reflect contemporary style, gives this bank of cabinetry a transitional look. Simple round knobs lend themselves to both traditional and modern styles, reinforcing the blended effect. Gray marble countertops and white shiplap paneling add elegance.

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