Cottage Bathroom Ideas

See photos of cottage bathrooms and gain inspiration for remodeling your bath.

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Bathroom Bathed in Natural Light

    White wainscoting and molding form the basis for the structure of this cottage bath, but the placement of windows really enlivens the room. The combination of a skylight with a pair of windows above the vanity more than doubles the amount of natural light that enters the room through what otherwise would have been blank wall or ceiling space.

Cottage Bath in the Attic

    Beaded board and white marble with an elegant beveled edge form the whirlpool tub surround in this attic bath. In keeping with the vintage theme, the designer used a bridge tub faucet with a telephone-style handheld shower. It's a classic look with subtle country overtones.

Timeless White Bath

    Timeless white woodwork and cool marble floors complement the vintage style of the handsome soaking bathtub in this large bathroom. Notice how the paneling and picture rail bring down the height of the room and complement the scale of the bathtub, giving the room a finished look even though it's lightly furnished.

Bathroom Lighting Solution

    When a bathroom doesn't have its own window, one solution is to borrow light from another space. In this bath, light comes through a French door with frosted glass from the adjoining bedroom. The glass allows light in while maintaining privacy. A tub-mount, hand-held shower and a wall-mount mirror facilitate shaving in the freestanding bathtub.

Mirrors in a Cottage Bath

    If your bathroom doesn't have depth, create it with mirrors. This wall of mirrors doubles the perceived space and reflects natural light while hiding an abundance of built-in storage. Pedestal sinks keep the floor open. Note the shallow ledge above the sinks: a perfect substitute for a counter.

Attic Bathroom Design

    If you remodel your attic, consider adding dormer windows. They add natural light and increase headroom and useable space inside, while adding visual interest to the exterior of your home. A dormer with a fan window was added to this house to make room for a walk-in shower. Before adding a bathroom to an attic, ask your contractor to make sure the floor joists can handle the weight.

Cottage Bath with Twice the Style

    Matching pedestal sinks, clear-glass shelves, and mirrored medicine cabinets separated by a simple storage unit offer a symmetry that's pleasing to the eye without taking up much space in this modest-size bathroom. The placement of the sconces on each side of the mirrors means they can do double duty, providing both task lighting and ambient lighting.

Space-Saving Vanity Ideas

    This is a perfect example of how shallow bathroom vanities can save space. Combined with standard-size sinks, they create a great look without sacrificing style or much storage space. Note how the arched shape of the vanity is echoed in the opening of the shower.

Attic Bathroom Solutions

    Before you add on to your house, look up... to your attic. This colorful space is a great example of what is possible. It is also a good lesson in planning; in this case, the bathtub, where standing height wasn't important, was tucked under the eaves. Note how the wainscoting and a shallow ledge create architectural style and tie the room together.

Cottage Bathtub Design

    A wide ledge is a good way to create a comfortable and safe means to get into a deep bathtub. It also creates an attractive and highly functional architectural detail in even the smallest bathroom. Here the apron in front of the tub matches the wood panels surrounding it to create an integrated look.

Pedestal Sink Ideas

    Pedestal sinks are a great option for tight spaces because they take up little wall and floor space, making the room seem more open. A mirror above the sink is a must in any bathroom and helps visually expand the space.

Cottage-Style Curves

    Bathtub placement is a good way to deal with an awkward room shape. For example, by placing this claw-foot tub in front of a curved wall of windows, the homeowners wasted no space. In fact, the curve of the tub plays handsomely off the shape of the wall.

Bathroom Storage Solutions

    Though they can be more expensive than store-bought bathroom cabinets, built-ins offer custom storage options. In this room, a wall of built-ins, including a linen press-style cupboard, transform the space into a charming, functional bath without taking up much floor space.

Inviting Master Bath

    These homeowners were after a made-in-France look when they remodeled their master bath. Natural light, creamy colors, and soft fabrics frame an inviting tub area. Built-in cabinetry with a furniture look features Sheraton-style legs and central drawers.

Cottage Bath with Natural Light

    Inspired by gardens and capitalizing on natural light, this bath blends farmhouse architecture with the feel of an outdoor room. Columns mimic arbors, and intersecting ceiling beams create a trellislike grid. Pedestal sinks and a freestanding cabinet add to the open feel.

Sea-Inspired Bathroom

    Soft white cabinetry with beaded-board accents and a sea-inspired blue backdrop create cottage style in this master bath. Old-fashioned touches include a scalloped sink, clear-glass knobs, and a framed mirror. Rustic pine flooring adds a country feel.

Vintage Vanity

    Beaded board often shows up in cottage style, as it does in the windowed vanity corner of this small bath. The vintage-look vanity is topped by a sleek black granite countertop, undermount sink, and reproduction faucet. The mirror and light are more modern but have a retro feel.

Victorian Cottage Bath

    A nostalgic-but-new claw-foot tub nestles into the corner of this Victorian-inspired bath. Old-fashioned nickel fixtures accented with white porcelain handles would have been the height of style and function in the Victorian era and work just as well now to extend the vintage theme.

Cottage Charm

    Over the years, this master bath had lost its vintage charm. Reclaiming it was the goal of a recent remodel. Now the cottage look is back, accomplished with an outdoor-oriented scheme where colors of sea and shore, along with beachy accessories, set the stage for a centerpiece soaking tub.

Cottage Contemporary

    Above-counter sinks, often called vessels or bowls, are usually found in highly contemporary spaces. The idea, however, predates indoor plumbing, so it suits a vintage space just as well. In keeping with cottage style, the dark-stained, beaded-board vanity base here establishes a cozy look.

Bright and Cheery Bath

    Following water damage, the owners of this powder room decided to replace plaid wallpaper and an old brown toilet with new fixtures and a two-part wall treatment. Now, beaded board and bright yellow paint give the room vintage character. A narrow chair railing caps the wainscoting and forms a small ledge for display.

Period-Style Charm

    Here's an older bath that's been remodeled to glorify its vintage charm. A banquette with striped cushions is instantly intriguing. Glass knobs on white cabinet doors add a period flavor, as does the pedestal sink. Lighted display niches bring an aura of drama to the space.

Stately Cottage Bathtub

    This stately, period-style bathtub commands attention. It also demands support. If you are considering such a large tub, be sure your floors can handle the weight. The small subway tiles covering the lower half of the wall are a good design solution for the tall, narrow room.

Small Bath with a Detailed Design

    This small bath illustrates the value of a detail-rich design. With its diamond lattice window shutters, 1-inch-square black-and-white floor tiles, and beaded-board bathroom vanities and bathtub surround, this bath manages to be big on affordable architectural style even if it is small on square footage.

Pair of Pedestal Sinks

    This simple arrangement of pedestal sinks and matching mirrored medicine cabinets is a great solution for a modest-size bathroom. They take very little space and leave room for the other, larger pieces. Wainscoting keeps the otherwise simple space from being too plain.

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