Beach Bathroom Decor

The scenery of Lake Michigan inspired this low-cost, high-style guest bathroom remodel that's loaded with cottage charm and beach decor.

Lake Michigan beaches are awash with decorating inspiration. With a location less than an hour away from the Great Lake, this home lets the beach scenery translate into a fresh-faced, cottage-style look. The bathroom takes on a beach-mod vibe that's casual, fun, and easygoing.

Finding design inspiration might have been easy, but finding funds was not. Working within a strict budget meant making a splash with limited cash. Plus, with a big family gathering on the horizon, the homeowners were on a tight deadline to complete their beach bathroom.

The bathroom's layout was acceptable. The room offered a decent amount of space and had two windows. But the bathroom definitely needed a few upgrades to provide the right foundation for the beach decor. The existing avocado green fixtures, peach-color wallpaper, and fussy curtains were definitely not a day at the beach.

White beaded board, extending 6 feet up the walls, created instant cottage charm. Plus, taller beaded board can make a room look bigger and add more presence to the space. The walls above the beaded board were painted a bright lake-inspired blue and dressed up with sky blue stripes. A narrow ledge atop the beaded board acts as display space for ocean- and beach-theme mementos, such as starfish.

With a warm maple finish, cabinets salvaged from another house recall the warmth of a beach setting. Plus, by pairing the free vanity cabinetry with an economical laminate countertop and an inexpensive vessel-look sink, the homeowners could update the bath on time and on budget.

Editor's Tip: Scout out discounted products at a local Restore, a retail extension of Habitat for Humanity that sells surplus supplies from their projects at reduced rates.

Keeping the beach atmosphere in mind, other features were chosen because they were in stock, easy to access, or quick to install. For example, tile-look sheet-vinyl flooring was chosen because real tile would have taken too long to install. Even though it's a less sophisticated solution, because the bath is mainly used for guests and kids' bath time, a low-maintenance floor proved to be a reasonable choice.

Editor's Tip: When choosing flooring, surfacing, and other materials, evaluate who will be using the bathroom, how often the bath will be used, and how much maintenance work you're willing to do. Those criteria will help you determine which specific material type will work best for your needs. Make the practical decisions before you dive in to the fun of choosing a color or finish.

Beach Bathroom Decor Ideas

  • Use beach-inspired colors, such as watery blues and greens, sandy neutrals, and crisp whites.
  • Incorporate textures that exude beach style, such as jute and sisal.
  • Consider including elements of cottage style, which work well for beach-theme decor. Include beaded board and vintage touches, such as vintage-look lighting and faucet fixtures.

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