Neutral Color Bathroom Design Ideas

Opt for neutral colors -- such as crisp white, serene cream, glam gray, and rich brown -- to create a bathroom that looks clean, calm, and collected.


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    • Detailed Planning

      A wide range of tones and an penache for details ensures a neutral color scheme will never be dull. In this eclectic bathroom, cool, mid-range gray on the slate floors and walls stand in dynamic contrast to the white surfaces in the space. Weathered wood tones fall in the middle and impart a peaceful serenity. Plenty of materials -- from the drift wood mirror frame and chunky woven baskets to the cool, sleek finish of the subway tiled shower and industrial metal light fixture -- add texture and detail to the space.

    • Shades of White

      Varying tones of white, ivory, and ecru visually combine to make this bath look expansive, belying its narrow dimensions and giving it a spa-like quality. The room's neutral color scheme achieves a sun-kissed radiance thanks to the natural light that flows through two divided-light windows: one in the shower and one above the tub. This light and airy feel translates into a period-style bath respecting the past while serving the needs of the present.

    • Material Mix

      Subtle details bring life to a neutral color palette without taking away from the calm such hues are known to inspire. Here, pebbled walls, metallic porcelain tiles, and a wood ledge do the trick. The dark flooring amplifies the barely noticable color variations in the wall treatment and draws out the texture as well.

    • Inspiring Bathrooms

      Draw inspiration from these luxe bathrooms.

    • Gray Haven

      Richly grained marble creates an elegant exuberance in this master bath. The beautifully polished Equator Marmara marble tile shimmers in multiple shades of gray in the shower, on the tub surround, and on the floor. The black-and-white animal print stool offers an organic and fluid counterpoint to the rigidly geometric quality of the gray marble. The walls are covered in a silvery paper that brings a metallic sparkle to the room.

    • Dimensional Neutrals

      Using a standout dark tone will make a neutral bathroom memorable. A deep walnut vanity and medicine cabinet frame grounds the subtle color scheme while giving the warm whites and putty walls dimension. 

    • Colorful-Leaning Neutrals

      Crave a timeless netural look, but can't get away from color? Look for neturals with a distinct colorful undertone. Here, a blue-leaning charcoal gray is a striking partner to this bathroom's marble surfaces, mosaic tile, white vanity, and silver details. The strong wall color also helps temper the bright white used in the space.

    • Neutral Inspiration

      Like fabrics in living rooms and bedrooms, tile can be a smart inspiration for a bathroom color scheme. Here, grays and taupes in a mosaic tile pattern are reflected in the room's engineered concrete countertop, limed wood-look vanity and limestone wall color.

    • Traditional Styling

      With its rich mahogany finish, this storage-packed vanity is the focal point of the master bath. Antiqued brass bin pulls reinforce the vintage feel, while the square white porcelain sinks add a contemporary counterpoint to the vanity's traditional features, including the wall-mount faucets. A pale limestone floor and countertop keep the darkness of vanity and mirror frames in balance, while golden crackle-finish subway tile creates a bright, cheerful backsplash.

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      Rustic Industrial

      A neutral color scheme can help you embody a particular style. Here, shades of gray and warm wood tones convey the trending rustic industrial look. The warm gray walls and hammered metal medicine cabinets pick up on the veins of gray in the weathered wood vanities. Farmhouse-inspired light fixtures and faucets carry the gray color scheme and style persona. Additions of crisp white keep the scheme from looking murky.

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      White Chocolate

      Floor-length drapery panels in a dramatic diamond pattern bring a hint of living-room luxury to the freestanding bathtub. A palette of chocolate brown and creamy white establishes a setting that is rich and warm. White subway tiles wrap the room to nearly door height, providing a period-style backdrop for a handsome walnut vanity. The warm brown color on the ceiling brings the ceiling height down and makes the tall room feel cozy.

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      Vintage Vibe

      In this refurbished 1920s master bath, a contemporary paint palette of warm white and pale gray makes flea market furnishings shine. The sink, plumbed into a vintage dresser, wraps up style and function in a pretty package, while an old apothecary cabinet holds supplies in period style. Beaded-board wainscoting injects subtle white-on-white pattern around the room, while the large woven towel basket provides interesting texture.

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      Better with Age

      Salvage finds -- from flooring to fixtures to a tin-tile mirror frame -- bring character to a guest bathroom. The natural patina of worn and reclaimed surfaces dictates the serene neutral palette. The hall bath evokes a soothing tone by using an antique tub and an old table repurposed for the vanity. Taupe linen panels hang from rings, lending an easy elegance around the tub. Knotty pine flooring was salvaged from a 200-year-old warehouse. Painting the walls in a quiet wheat color put the beauty of the reclaimed pieces in focus, allowing their character to shine through.

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      Birch Beauty

      Birch woods wallpaper in shades of taupe inspired the color palette for this powder room redo. With the new wallpaper, the dark trim and plantation-style shutters on the window needed lightening with a fresh coat of white paint that not only complements the paper but also contrasts with the dark ebony stain on the hardwood floor. The modern vanity, console table, shaded sconces, and brushed-nickel hardware add to the sophisticated upscale look.

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      Lovely Monochromatic

      An easy-to-live with shade of medium gray takes center stage in this neutral bathroom. Horizontal tongue-and-groove paneling brings texture to the monochromatic scheme. A white marble countertop with gray veining keys off the room's primary color, while adding a visual break in the sea of gray.

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      Modern Classic

      Cottage elements in white and beige give this small bath a charming new look. Formerly clad in pink fixtures and tile, the soft and timeless neutral palette brings the room back to its stylistic roots while remaining modern in its amenities. White-painted tin tiles gives texture and depth to a ceiling once covered in dated popcorn. White subway tile and crisply painted beaded board visually expand the walls and reflect light throughout the space. White fixtures provide tone-on-tone silhouettes in classic forms. Beige tiles grouted in gray mimic brick and add warmth to the floor.

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      Sparkling White

      White-on-white isn't for everyone, but you have to agree, the results can be quite stunning. In this elegant bathroom, a mix of sheens and details bring a monochromatic white palette to life. Glossy tilework and mirrored surfaces contrast the matte finish on the cabinetry and walls. Fluted moldings and a groin-vault ceiling lend architectural interest to the sea of white and silver accents introduce glamour. 

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      Warm Reception

      Hues with yellow undertones cast white in a warm light. Keeping the variations subtle within a room will impart a clean, serene look that's anything but sterile. Calacatta gold marble countertops embody the warm approach to whites in this bathroom and coordinate with the white vanities and barely beige walls. Antique mirrors, tubular sconces and nickle faucets lend vintage appeal to the color scheme.

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      Grass-cloth Glamour

      Chic grass-cloth wallpaper makes an easy and inexpensive upgrade for this small guest bath. The neutral paper makes the room appear larger and can complement any color of towels or bath accessories for a quick change. The narrow gray stone vanity is surrounded by white and gray marble on walls and floor, visually expanding the room. The mirrored wall above the vanity increases the effect of spaciousness by reflecting both light and soft color.

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      Line in the Sand

      Mixing white with a midtone neutral strikes a happy balance between strong and soft. Here, a white vanity and white subway tile pairs with sandy countertops, stone-look sconces, circular floor tiles and matching accent wall tiles. Mottled textures and patterns give the common color an anything-but-basic appeal.

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