Neutral Colors

Neutral colors, such as crisp white, soft cream, cloudy gray, and many shades of beige, create a bathroom that is clean and calm. To avoid creating a look that falls flat, layer various shades of the same hue throughout the room through the flooring, vanity, shower curtain, and accent pieces. Using a subdued color palette creates a bathroom that is soothing but can also be light and crisp, depending on the neutral you choose. A bathroom done in shades of soft yellows is very different from one with stark white walls, white fixtures, and white floors. And don't forget to add pattern and texture to the bathroom. A collection of wicker baskets on an open vanity adds a layer of interest and organization. The best part about neutrals is the palette lends itself to all decorating styles -- from cottage to midcentury -- depending on the fabric, prints, and accessories added to the space. Take a look at the beautiful baths in this section to learn how to use neutrals in your home to create your own cozy bathroom.


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