Stylish Bathroom Color Schemes

Bathrooms are excellent rooms to experiment with fun color palettes. Take a cue from these bathroom color schemes to transform your bathroom into a stylish retreat.

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  • Blue + White + Black

    Temper multiple shades of blue with monochromatic accents. In this powder room, blue patterned wallpaper provides a fun backdrop for a painted vanity in a similar shade. The bathroom's artwork incorporates both blue and black for a cohesive color scheme.

  • Khaki + Gray + Canary Yellow

    Take traditional shades like tan and gray to the next level with a pop of citrus color. Lemony accents brighten this otherwise monochromatic bathroom. Rich gray board-and-batten provides depth to the room and sets off light khaki-color walls.

  • Pink + White + Black

    Barbie's dream house has nothing on this beautiful bathroom color scheme. A splash of pink on the vanity and pretty black-and-white floral wallpaper provide feminine flair. Clean white countertops, polished-nickel accents, and glass hardware sparkle against the pink vanity.

  • Sage + White

    Bask in the calming atmosphere of a simple, subdued color scheme inspired by nature. Tile on this bathtub surround shimmers with various shades of light green. The natural hue feels fresh with white wall color, tile flooring, and marble countertops. A section of hardwood flooring continues the earthy scheme and contributes warmth.

  • Purple + White + Brown

    Evoke regal elegance in your bathroom with pretty purple walls. Here, a rich eggplant paint shade continues in honeycomb floor tiles. A white vanity and neutral wall trim prevent the hue from becoming too heavy. Chocolaty brown, seen on a foot stool, brings warmth to the bathroom color scheme.

  • Favorite Bathroom Paint Colors

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  • Fire-Engine Red + Crisp White

    Don't be afraid to go bold with your bathroom color scheme. A bright red vanity shouts sophistication when paired with traditional accents like an ornate mirror, vintage chrome faucet, and sparkling wall sconces. Prevent a small space from becoming too busy by embracing loud color on a single item or wall.

  • Rose + Soft Blue + Greige

    Soft pastels can be made sophisticated with a warm neutral and plenty of texture. Here, marble floors and greige walls ground pretty blue and pink accents. Luxurious curtains and plush furniture offset the shiny surrounding surfaces to keep the bathroom color scheme from feeling cold.

  • Navy + Red + White

    Traditional Americana colors -- red, white, and blue -- can look upscale when thoughtfully incorporated. Bold navy and white stripes make this small bathroom appear larger than it really is. With red accents kept to a minimum, the space feels lively and inviting rather than cliche.

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    Gray + Charcoal + Yellow + Sky Blue

    Soft gray walls lend a neutral backdrop for sunny-yellow and sky-blue accents in this calming bathroom. The striped shower curtain features a cheery striped motif that picks up on the bathroom's accessories, linens, and gray painted vanity.

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    Grape + Forest Green + White

    Add charm to a cottage bathroom with splashy purple and forest green. Seen here in a border of wallpaper, the colors stimulate without overwhelming and draw the eyes upward to visually expand the small space. White plank walls reflect the coziness of cottage style.

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    Cerulean + Orange + Chocolate Brown

    Kick up calming blues with spots of energetic orange. Blue-gray wall color tempers the brightness of orange linens and accessories. A rich brown vanity and matching mirror frame cozy things up.

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    Chartreuse + Gray + White

    Large-scale chartreuse blooms climb the walls as a bold backdrop for the crisp white pedestal sink. A brushed-nickel faucet and metal-frame mirror offer gleaming companionship with the wallcovering's gray stems and leaves.


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    Black + Yellow + White

    Classic white subway tile mixes with vintage finds, such as the old farm stool and a refurbished wall sink. The underside of the sink is painted a matte black, while yellow and black accents dot the room.


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    Black + Tan + Mahogany

    The walls of this masculine bath are covered with plaid Madagascar cloth in tones of black and tan. The vanity and trimwork add rich mahogany tones.


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    Fiery Orange + White

    The bold orange wall color adds warmth and a splash of youthful energy to this kids' bathroom. Crisp white beaded board adorns the lower portion of the walls, while the tub and its surround are covered with square white tiles that match the vintage look of the bathroom's trough sink. The blue stripes on the bath mat incorporate a hint of contrasting color.


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    How to Paint a Room

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    White + Butter Yellow

    A color palette of warm yellow and crisp white creates a vintage vibe in this master bathroom. White-painted paneling covers three-fourths of the bathroom's walls, while the upper portion features a sunny-yellow hue. The thick, dark grout lines throughout the shower and floor tiling, plus the vanity's furniture-style construction, emphasize the bathroom's vintage aesthetic.


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    Dove Gray + Gold

    Metallic gray walls create a dramatic backdrop in this regal master bathroom. Here, the luxurious Carrara marble countertop on the walnut vanity base mirrors the soothing gray on the walls. The shimmering gold mirror frame above the vanity subtly bounces light from the nearby window, echoing the room's gleaming chrome fixtures.


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    Pistachio + Baby Blue + Yellow

    This tiny bathroom has big style thanks to an analogous color scheme of green, yellow, and blue. To create the illusion of more height, the walls were outfitted with narrow-plank beaded board and the ceiling was painted a soft blue hue. Decorative elements scattered throughout the space, such as the window treatments, hand towels, and sconce shades, incorporate splashes of green and yellow.


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    Black + White

    White-painted walls, wispy white draperies, and white marble flooring look grounded thanks to a collection of black accents in this master bathroom. The outside of the claw-foot tub was painted black to match the legs of the nearby chair and glass-top table. The bathroom's modern black-and-white color scheme draws a unique juxtaposition to its vintage-inspired furnishings.


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    Tan + Smoke Gray + Mahogany

    In this bathroom, grass-cloth walls, rich mahogany woodwork, and built-ins work together to create a room with character. The shower enclosure features glazed grayish-blue Moroccan tiles along the walls and marble flooring underfoot, both of which add cool, contrasting color.


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    Purple + Coffee

    Pairing dark colors doesn't feel gloomy in this bathroom. Dusky amethyst walls and coffee-color cabinets work beautifully thanks to the mix of white, iridescent, and clear glass tiles, along with expansive mirrors.

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    Powder Blue + White + Walnut

    In this bathroom, white beaded board and soft blue walls lend a barely-there backdrop for a rich walnut vanity and shimmering chrome furnishings. The walnut cabinet base helps the airy color palette feel grounded. The bathroom's chrome furnishings reflect and bounce light around the room to add subtle sparkle.


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    Powder Blue + Buff Beige + White

    The warm neutral on the upper portion of the walls softens the crisp white beaded board that's used along the lower walls in this bathroom. Pale blue accents -- featured in the towels, the shower curtain, and a trio of hand-painted wall canvases -- add hints of sophisticated color.


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    Ocean Blue + Sandy Brown + White

    A soft palette of watery blue, sandy brown, and white creates a beachy vibe in this bathroom. The painted vanity cabinet matches the color of the walls, creating a seamless look. A mosaic tile backsplash along the wall behind the vanity adds a hint of sparkle and vintage appeal. 


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    Raspberry + Black

    A cheerful pink hue on the upper portion of this bathroom's walls lends an unexpected splash of color to the predominantly neutral scheme. The marble tile on the lower portion of the walls adds smooth texture, which is echoed by the trim along the ceiling. Mirrored cabinet fronts on the black-painted vanity ensure the piece doesn't overwhelm the small bathroom space. 


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