Colorful Baths

Infusing a bath with lots of color is a terrific way to wake up a boring bathroom. Browse the color ideas in this slide show before you head to the paint store.

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Pink and green bathroom with toile wallpaper
Chic & Colorful

    Give your walls an unexpected pop with a bright wallpaper and tile blend. This modern toile wallpaper plays off the pink and cream floor tiles. The unusual floor color could have been an inspiration deterrent, but the rest of the room was designed to match it, resulting in pure charm. The look is finished with stylish sherbet-hue bath towels and rug, which accent the space with punches of color.

Vibrant Orange

    An orange tile accent wall lets the color do the talking in this vibrant bathroom. A large frameless mirror balances the bold hue and adds to the horizontal effect of the space.

Modern Green

    Embrace natural beauty with earthy yet urban colors. Coating the walls in a fresh apple green keeps with the sleek, modern feel of the contemporary sink unit. Vertical elements, like a tall vase and mirror, add depth and accentuate ceiling height.

Sky Blue Bathroom

    Proving that color doesn't always have to appear on the walls, this bath features a powder blue double vanity and countertop cabinet. The soft color is countered by a sleek gray slate tile floor.

Trendy Neutrals

    A small room is the perfect place to play with color. Trendy chocolate-brown walls contrast with the bathroom's white cabinetry and countertop.

Tile Is Star

    The tile in this room is the main color in the space. Less expensive square field tile in kiwi green was paired with pricier oval tiles in brown, used only around the bathtub.

Warm & Playful Space

    A red, orange, and white color scheme creates a warm and inviting bathroom. This space gains a playful edge from a patterned shower curtain and colorful bath accessories. By keeping the majority of the elements white, the bold colors pop without making the room seem too dark or small.

Earth-Tone Tile

    Set an organic tone in your bathroom with marbled tiles in several neutral hues. Blending earthy colors offers lots of options for coordinating walls and accessories. In this bathroom, light browns and grays mingle with cool blues for a gorgeous tub surround that takes center stage. Thoughtful touches such as potted plants boast a soft, nature-inspired feel.

Tile Designs

    Add pizzazz to a bathroom with decorative tile. The multicolor bluish-purple tiles in this bathroom infuse the space with color. Hardwood floors and black countertops lack distinct patterns, allowing the tile to be the focal point. A floral chandelier and long white curtains are sophisticated yet charming touches.

Variations on Gray

    Although gray is considered a neutral, its many variations make it anything but boring. In this bath, shades of gray create a tranquil and inviting setting. A mauve-gray paneled tub is the room?s focal point. The gray-brown vanity and gray-blue walls add warmth against black granite countertops and stark white window trim and wainscoting.

Sophisticated Green

    Patterned olive green wallpaper is a bold choice that pays off in style points. The chic wall treatment is paired with white trim and fixtures. The rust-color towels are a warm addition to the otherwise cool and sleek space. The towels not only pop against the olive backdrop, but they give the eye a place to rest and can easily be switched out for another color to give the space a new look.

Sunny Yellow

    One bright color may be all you need to spark up your space. Yellow adds instant style in an eye-opening hue. A fun print poster plays up this space, while white bath fixtures offer respite from the bold wall color.

Make Your Mark

    Wide stripes lend a crisp feel to this simple bathroom. Get the look by painting your bathroom wall white, then taping off evenly sized stripes. Paint the stripes the same color, or use two coordinating colors like the ones shown here.

Brilliant Blue Wallpaper

    A wallpaper-wainscoting duo provides a dressy backdrop for simple fixtures. The blue-patterned palate instills this bathroom with character and a cool ambience.

Softly Elegant

    An almost-orange shade of coral is a chic update for a white bath. Decorative tile lines the tub and vanity. Lattice window mullions and white trim enhance the traditional look. Small silver sconces mounted on the mirror give this room effortless elegance.

Deep Red

    Rich red walls are not the typical color used in a bathroom however this hue exudes elegance especially when done in tile like seen here.

Shades of Gray

    Trendy neutrals give unexpected twinges of color to any space. These gray walls take on a cool purple hue and create a strong sense of dimension with white-frame mirrors and high-contrast floor tiles.

Handsome Combination

    A diagonal pattern, like this blue-and-brown wallpaper, is a great way to add flair to a bathroom. White trim and tile flooring keep this space looking fresh and tidy. Get this look by pairing a fun print with simple decor, such as a curvy mirror, open shelves, and basic bath accessories.

Traditional Yellow

    Highlighting beautiful woodwork with bright color creates a sophisticated look in this bathroom. The butter yellow is soft enough to show off the room?s finest features without obscuring their details. Black tile, countertops, and window-treatment accents provide the perfect amount of contrast to break up the solid-yellow backdrop.

Splashy Blue

    Watery blue walls add color to the bathroom and give the space a calming spa-like feel. White tiles around the shower and white wainscoting keep the look fresh, while dark wood accents ground the space. The mixture of blues, tans, whites, and wood makes the bathroom feel like a day at the beach.

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