Baths with Stylish Color Combinations

Personalize a bathroom or powder room with these creative ideas for mixing and matching your favorite colors.

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Citron Green + Sandy Brown + Creamy White
Citron Green + Sandy Brown + Creamy White

    This almost-yellow shade of green is just enough color to add a signature style to this calming bath. The same striated tile is used from ceiling to floor for a continuous block of sandy brown color. A creamy tone was chosen for the lacquered vanities, as a pure white would have been too stark to pair with the other soothing elements.

Gray + White

    Cool, clean, and classic, this neutral color scheme treats gray as an accent color on the floor and in veined marble wainscoting. Texture plays a big part in this traditional room's ambience. The floor features an intricate herringbone pattern of rectangular tiles, bordered in black, white, and gray. Large-format rectangular tiles form the wainscot and surround. Gleaming polished-nickel fixtures pop against the quiet background. A matte-finish painted wall recedes against crisp white medicine cabinets.

Nautical Blue + Terra-Cotta Orange

    Old meets new in a bathroom that combines vintage-style fixtures with a thoroughly modern wall tiled in orange and blue. The complementary colors give the bath an energetic personality, while the classic white fixtures and deep baseboard create a place for the eye to rest. White or blue linens pick up colors used in the mosaic without looking abrasive (as orange might).

Brown + White + Green

    Coffee-brown walls make a dramatic contrast to white marble wainscoting, crisp woodwork, and an angled ceiling in this stately master bath. A traditional-style pedestal sink partners with contemporary towel bars and sconces to create an elegantly eclectic look. Bright green linens and artwork add color and energy to the mix.

Peach + Bronze + White

    Layered tones of color create a soothing yet elegant bath in peach, bronze, and white. Hand-glazed, peach-color subway tiles were chosen for the wall because of their irregularity. The floor boasts a basket-weave tile pattern in white and bronze, the latter of which picks up the dark bronze of tiles used elsewhere in the room. Woodwork and built-in cabinets are painted a dreamy white.

Latte Brown + Apple Green + Hot Pink

    Have fun with color in your bathroom the easy way. Start with a neutral base for walls and surfaces, then pick one or two accent colors. In this bath, the muted brown walls serve as a subtle backdrop for the vibrant green and pink accents, but the hue is just rich enough to have a commanding presence.

Orange + White

    Give a white bathroom a shocking dose of color to add personality to an otherwise blank space. Accessories, linens, and artwork in a similar shade of orange pop against this bathroom's white surfaces. Fun extras such as these can give your bathroom a new look without breaking the bank or being a permanent addition, a major plus for renters.

Espresso + Plum + White

    Well-placed doses of white can help balance a rich color scheme. In this bathroom, the dark-stained cabinets are crowned with white countertops and square vessel sinks and accented with shiny metal hardware. Slender, white grout lines pop against the deep brown tiles, a technique that's repeated in the white-veined rug. A plum purple accent wall gives the room vibrancy and is tempered with white trim.

Steel Blue + Chocolate Brown

    Despite the hard edges and geometric shapes, this contemporary bath exudes an organic vibe with a color palette straight from Mother Nature. Mosaic tiles create a grid of browns and beiges, with a focal-point border motif of mottled blues on the back wall of the shower surround. The shower floor is tiled in a river-rock pattern that quietly breaks free of the grid. Green accessories would make lush companions to the browns and blues, as evidenced by the arrangement at the edge of the tub.

Spring Green + Sky Blue

    Fresh and clean, this eclectic bath gets its watery inspiration from an aqua-blue tiled surround and a patterned shower curtain in blue and green. Chrome faucets, white fixtures, woodwork, and hexagonal-tile floor mean the accent hues can be changed out at any time to create a different look.

Mocha + Linen White

    Bring cozy sophistication to the bath with this toasty bathroom color scheme. Brown walls warm up the space and emphasize the high ceilings. Crisp white trim, white cabinetry, and white tile floors make the brown pop. Accent the combination with yellow-green accessories as shown here for a bright, garden-inspired look. Or use robin's-egg blue accessories to set a quieter mood.

French Blue + Sage Green + Pure Black

    Botanical-print wallpaper in blue and green provides an organic background to a simple black vanity and medicine cabinet in this tranquil powder room. Perched above the vanity's polished black granite top, a vessel sink in translucent blue-green glass creates a shimmering focal point. Gleaming silvertone fixtures and hardware add sparkle without detracting from the Zen-like quality of the space.

Sherbet Orange + Bubble Gum Pink

    Inspired by a zinnia-pattern shower curtain, bright sherbet colors give this eclectic bath an engaging personality. Peach-color paint unites tin-tile and plaster walls, while pink paint turns an old dresser into a charming vanity draped with peach and green towels. White wainscoting, accent pieces, and a clawfoot tub and matching sink provide visual relief throughout the room.

Cool Gray + White

    Create an atmosphere of serenity and calm with a cool neutral scheme. Marble tiles with blue-gray veining cover the floor and tub surround and extend halfway up the wall, establishing the room's cool color temperature. Painting the walls above the tile a darker blue-gray draws out the color of the marble for emphasis. White trim, ceilings, fixtures, and accessories keep the look clean. Deep purple towels add punch of pigment. A dark note, such as purple or black, grounds a color scheme and gives all the other hues more power.

Sage Green + White

    Sage green is a flexible hue with staying power. Combine it with lots of white for a perennially fresh and satisfying bathroom color scheme. The warm red undertones of the wood floors and furniture-style vanities complement the green. The wood also adds the comfort of natural texture to the room. Black mats on framed prints and black frames on the mirrors repeat the color of the marble-top vanities. These notes of black dress up the bathroom and lend weight to the light color scheme.

Brown + Black

    This sleek contemporary bath gets its handsome look from a combination of multi-tone neutral mosaic tiles, mocha walls, and an ebony-stained vanity and mirror. A gently curved white vessel sink becomes a focal point on the polished stone countertop, elevating the other minimalistic white fixtures to decor. Black-framed artwork echoes the look of the mirror frame while adding a flash of orange. The white shower curtain and towels allow the neutral colors and patterns to shine.

Pearl + Cloud Gray + Rust Red

    Mod wallpaper provides the cue for this bathroom color scheme of gray, cream, tan, and red. With a light-reflecting cream-color tile on the floor and a similar cream in the wallpaper, the room's overall color tone is light and neutral. A neutral room can quickly become boring unless you add a dark value to ground it. The dark gray tiles do exactly that, covering the backsplash and tub surround and striping the floor. The black marble vanity top adds emphasis and weight, while splashes of red in the wallpaper and accessories enliven the scheme.

Storm Gray + Light Beige

    Natural maple cabinets provide a sleek foundation for a contemporary bath papered in an oversize paisley. The sensuous motifs dance around the sleek lines of the cabinetry's slab doors, minimalistic hardware, and wall-to-wall mirror. Large-format beige tiles create the shower surround and the floor, while a granite countertop blends gray, beige, and white into a single polished surface.

Charcoal Black + Crisp White + Cherry Red

    Black marble and slate paired with white marble and white walls come together to yield a classic bathroom color scheme that's serene and sophisticated. A pair of red chairs from the 1950s brings the room to life with a jolt of color. Painting the woodwork and trim white to match the walls minimizes distractions and lets the focus fall on the magnificent marble-paneled tub. The architecture in this spacious bathroom is traditional, but the black-and-white scheme gives it a contemporary edge.

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