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Creeping shrubby ice plant

Ruschia pulvinaris

Creeping shrubby ice plant

A gem for rock gardens and other fast-draining soils, creeping shrubby ice plant forms a soft, cool mat of evergreen foliage and fuchsia-pink flowers. Blooming for three to four weeks in late spring, this easy-to-grow perennial is a mass of welcome color in low-water gardens. Be sure to plant it near the front of the garden where you can enjoy its blooms. When not in bloom, creeping shrubby ice plant's short stems and succulent foliage have a neat and tidy appearance.

Note: It needs well-drained soil to thrive; this plant will quickly rot away in heavy clay.

Plant Type:
Plant Height:
To 12 inches tall
Plant Width:
To 12 inches wide
Flower Color:
Bloom Time:
Landscape Uses:
Containers,Beds & Borders
Special Features:
Flowers,Attractive Foliage,Drought Tolerant,Easy to Grow
Plant It With
Claret cup cactus

Add drama to a planting of creeping shrubby ice plant by planting claret cup cactus nearby. Its bold orange-red blooms create an eye-catching show of color.

Pine muhly

Pine muhly's thin, graceful foliage will complement the thick, fleshy foliage of creeping shrubby ice plant.


Follow creeping shrubby ice plant's late-spring flowers with yucca's long-lasting, dense flower clusters in summer.