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Tulip, fringed hybrids

Tulipa selections

Tulip, fringed hybrids

Fringed tulips got their name from the distinct frayed edge on their petals. This fringe may be the same color as the rest of the petal or it may contrast. The fringe makes the flowers appear full of substance.

The frayed edging comes from mutations in tulips of various categories, so the blooming time and heights vary. Most bloom in mid to late season and can reach 30 inches tall. Flower colors come in the same range as other tulips -- red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, and black.

Pictured above: Hamilton tulip

Sun,Part Sun
Plant Type:
Plant Height:
8-30 inches tall
Plant Width:
To 6 inches wide
Flower Color:
White, Pink/Rose, Blue/Violet/Lavender, Red, Yellow/Gold, Orange, Green, Bicolor,
Bloom Time:
Landscape Uses:
Containers,Beds & Borders
Special Features:
Flowers,Attractive Foliage,Fragrant,Cut Flowers,Drought Tolerant,Easy to Grow
Top Varieties

(Tulipa 'Burgundy Lace') is a long-stem French tulip excellent for cutting. It features fringed petals in deep lipstick pink and blooms in late spring. It grows to 30 inches tall. Zones 3-8
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(Tulipa 'Cummins') is a lavender-purple fringed tulip that shades to a deep purple base. It's a mid- to late-season bloomer with stems reaching 24 inches tall. Zones 3-8
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(Tulipa 'Curly Sue') petals are rosy purple on the outside and burgundy purple on the inside. As the flower matures, the color deepens. The delicately fringed blossoms top stems to 18 inches tall. Zones 3-8
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(Tulipa 'Fancy Frills') offers fringed, deep pink petals edged in a silvery pink and recurve as they open. It grows 18 inches tall. Zones 3-8
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(Tulipa 'Fringed Elegance') blooms in midspring on stems to 20 inches tall. It bears primrose-yellow flowers with occasional pink flecks or petal edges. The interior base of petals is a contrasting bronze-green. Zones 3-8
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(Tulipa 'Hamilton') is a bright yellow fringed tulip that blooms in late spring. The highly dissected petals are borne on stems to 18 inches tall. Zones 3-8
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(Tulipa 'Lambada') is as sensual as the Latin dance by the same name. This variety bears flowers with a highly ornamental fringe. The color ranges from salmon-rose to coral-apricot with hints of yellow. It is a midspring bloomer on stems to 22 inches tall. Zones 3-8
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