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Pulmonaria selections


In early spring, the brilliant blue, pink, or white flowers of lungwort bloom despite the coldest chill. The rough basal leaves, spotted or plain, always please and continue to be handsome through the season and into winter. Planted close as a weed-discouraging groundcover, or in borders as edgings or bright accent plants, lungworts are workhorses and retain their good looks. Provide high-humus soil that retains moisture. Although lungwort tolerates dry conditions, be alert for mildew.

Sun,Part Sun,Shade
Plant Type:
Plant Height:
6-12 inches tall, depending on variety
Plant Width:
1.5-2 feet wide, depending on variety
Flower Color:
White, rose, blue violet flowers, depending on variety; variegated leaves, depending on variety
Bloom Time:
Blooms spring and summer, depending on variety
Landscape Uses:
Containers,Beds & Borders,Groundcover
Special Features:
Flowers,Attractive Foliage,Fragrant,Winter Interest,Drought Tolerant,Deer Resistant,Easy to Grow
Top Varieties

(Pulmonaria saccharata 'Benediction') produces beautiful deep blue violet flowers early in spring. Its leaves are lightly spotted and remain handsome through the season. It grows to 10 inches tall and is hardy in Zones 4-8.
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(Pulmonaria saccharata 'Excalibur') has silver leaves rimmed and veined with emerald. Its rose pink flowers bloom in spring. It grows to 9 inches tall and is hardy in Zones 4-8.
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(Pulmonaria 'Opal') bears beautiful pale-blue flowers flushed with pink and silver-spotted leaves on a 10-inch-tall plant. Zones 4-8
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(Pulmonaria rubra) is one of the earliest to bloom in spring. Its clusters of nodding funnel-shaped pinkish red flowers rise above solid light green leaves that lack spots. It grows about 15 inches tall and is hardy in Zones 5-8.
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(Pulmonaria 'Sissinghurst White') bears pure white flowers over wonderfully spotted leaves. It grows 10 inches tall. Zones 4-8.
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Plant It With

The dark fingered leaves of hellebores contrast well with rough spotted lungwort foliage in shade.


Blooming at the same time, yellow English primroses are good companions for lungwort in light shade.


The leaves of hosta emerge as the flowers of lungwort are fading and the basal leaves are expanding. Spotted lungwort shows off well against variegated plantain lilies.

Holly fern

The upright fronds of Christmas fern provide textural contrast and a little height to a planting of lungwort in light shade.