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Ceratostigma plumbaginoides


For a fall show, plant leadwort. Its gentian-blue late-season flowers often continue to bloom even as the foliage turns brilliant red-orange in fall, making an outstanding autumn display.

This plant is also sometimes called plumbago, but it's different from shrubby tropical plumbago. Use it as a groundcover that spreads well when in conditions it likes -- dry sites in full sun to partial shade.

Sun,Part Sun
Plant Type:
Plant Height:
8-12 inches tall
Plant Width:
10-15 inches wide
Landscape Uses:
Containers,Beds & Borders,Slopes,Groundcover
Special Features:
Flowers,Attractive Foliage,Fall Color,Drought Tolerant
Garden Plans
Walk to Front Door
Plant It With

The gentian-blue flowers of leadwort look great surrounding shrubby blue-mist spirea when both are in bloom in late summer and early fall.

Daffodil, small-cup hybrids

Daffodils can steal the show in early spring. As they begin to fade away, leadwort emerges to help hide the dying daffodil leaves and cover the area the rest of the year.

Tulip, species

Because leadwort is late to emerge in the spring, it won't detract from tulip blooms. As the tulips die down, leadwort can take over.