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Lantana selections


If you have a hot, baked spot, lantana is your answer. This hardworking plant not only thrives with little moisture and in full, unyielding sun, it does so with ease. In fact, lantana is a flower that seems to have it all: It produces an abundance of brightly colored flowers all summer and fall, and it's a magnet for butterflies (hummingbirds like it, too). It's easy to grow and a great choice for containers. Plus, if you have a sunny spot indoors, you can grow it as a charming indoor plant. In frost-free climates (Zones 9-11), it's a great perennial groundcover, as well.

Plant Type:
Plant Height:
To 4 feet tall
Plant Width:
To 4 feet wide
Bloom Time:
Blooms summer to frost, depending on variety
Landscape Uses:
Containers,Beds & Borders,Slopes,Groundcover
Special Features:
Flowers,Fragrant,Attracts Hummingbirds,Attracts Butterflies,Drought Tolerant,Deer Resistant,Easy to Grow
Top Varieties

Lantana 'Bandana Cherry' offers rich yellow, orange, and cherry-red blooms in large heads.
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Lantana 'Bandana Pink' offers large heads of pink-blushed blooms that mature to rich pink.
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Lantana 'Irene' bears bright yellow, pink, and red blooms in large clusters on a spreading plant.
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Lantana 'Landmark Pink Dawn' offers creamy yellow flowers that mature to soft pink.
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Lantana 'Lucky Peach' offers heads of orange-peach flowers that mature to peachy-pink on compact plants.
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Lantana 'Lucky Pot of Gold' offers heads of rich yellow blooms on compact plants.
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Lantana 'Luscious Citrus Blend' is a heat-loving selection with vibrant red, orange, and yellow flowers on a mounding plant that grows to 3 feet tall and wide.
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Lantana 'Luscious Grape' displays clusters of lavender-purple flowers on a vigorous, floriferous plant. It grows 16 inches tall and 36 inches wide.
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Lantana 'Patriot Firewagon' offers clusters of yellow flowers that turn bright yellow and finally red-orange.
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Lantana montevidensis is a wild form with lavender-purple flowers on a plant that can reach 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide.
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Lantana 'Samantha' has yellow flowers and golden-variegated foliage.
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Plant It With

Since lantana has a spreading habit, grow it with an upright plant, such as angelonia, to add height and variation to your plantings.


Colorful pentas heads attract tons of butterflies and hummingbirds, and they like hot, dry spots, much like lantana.


Many types of salvia, especially blue salvia, look great with the fiery-color cultivars of lantana.

Stem Cuttings