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Malabar spinach

Basella rubra

Malabar spinach

When regular spinach begins to fade in the heat of summer, it's time to start harvesting delicious Malabar spinach. It loves the heat. This vining plant can grow up to 8 feet long, so provide a sturdy trellis to clamber on. Bonus: The burgundy stems and heart-shape medium-green leaves make an attractive ornamental addition to the garden.

Plant Type:
Plant Height:
5-8 feet tall
Plant Width:
2-6 feet wide
Top Varieties

Basella rubra 'Malabar Red Stem' features thick red stems that twine around any support that you provide for it. Use the medium-green leaves as you would spinach.
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Harvest Tips
Begin harvesting individual leaves and tender shoot tips of Malabar spinach 55 days or so after seeding. Continue harvesting throughout the summer. The newer leaves and shoots will be more tender than mature foliage.