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Jerusalem artichoke

Helianthus tuberosus

Jerusalem artichoke

This North American native is a relative of the sunflower, and as you watch it grow, you'll see how. From mid- to late summer, the plant produces yellow daisy flowers on tall stalks, but the edible part is the sweet, nutty, knobby tubers produced underground. If you haven't grown Jerusalem artichoke before, it's a fun and fascinating plant to try.

Slice raw tubers to add crunch to salads. Or cook them and use similar to potatoes. The plant spreads from tubers left in the soil and can become weedy.

Plant Type:
Plant Height:
3-8 feet tall
Plant Width:
2-4 feet wide
Top Varieties

Helianthus tuberosus 'Stampede' is an early-maturing variety that flowers in midsummer. It produces large, white tubers that weigh up to 1/2 pound in 90 days.
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Harvest Tips
Dig the tubers any time in fall after the soil has cooled. For sweetest flavor, wait until frost to dig. Harvest the largest tubers for eating, and leave others to form next year's crop.