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Hoya spp.


Hoya is often called wax plant because its fragrant flower clusters are very waxy. It is a vining plant with thick leaves. Grow it on a trellis or topiary form, or allow it to cascade from a hanging basket. Hoya needs bright light to bloom well but will grow in medium light. It likes temperatures 55-75 degrees F. Allow the soil to dry between waterings. Plants rebloom on flower stalks, so avoid pruning them off.

Plant Type:
Indoor Plant
Plant Height:
6-12 inches tall
Plant Width:
6-48 inches wide
Special Features:
Flowers,Attractive Foliage,Fragrant,Drought Tolerant
Top Varieties

Hoya carnosa 'Variegata' has leaves variegated with creamy-yellow centers.
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Hoya carnosa 'Crispa' has tightly packed, contorted leaves surrounding the stem, bearing resemblance to a braided rope.
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Stem Cuttings